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The blue jays coming to the feeders on our deck were taking 20+ sunflower seeds per visit, emptying a tray feeder in an hour or so. I thought maybe I could change their behavior by offering peanuts in the shell. Too simple. The jays would take and cache 20 peanuts in 30 minutes. We made the container narrower and deeper. Didn’t do much except make watching the jays more entertaining. (They switched to sunflower seeds as soon as the peanuts were gone.)

We buy suet in 10-pound chunks. Inside we usually find a piece of the kidney the suet surrounds in the cow. I always cut the kidney out. Recently, I set the pieces of kidney at the base of a tree in the backyard, assuming the neighborhood crows would find it. They did, along with a Cooper’s hawk that flew away with the largest chunk when I stepped url deck, overlooking the yard. That was Sunday. Monday morning the hawk was in the tree, looking, I’d guess, for more kidney. This hunter eats songbirds and small mammals, live prey. I was surprised to see it take a dead piece of meat.

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