Patrick Reusse

Reusse: Provus, Gladden calling road games from home a loss for fans

Cory Provus

Three people not being allowed in an open booth is going to make big-league baseball safer? That's a tough theory to buy.

New Ulm will go forward with plans to host State Amateur Tournament

The 97th state tourney will be held at New Ulm's two ballparks, Johnson and Miller. Springfield will serve as a third site for Class B and C games.

Reusse: Baseball has never looked worse than during current exchange of insults

Commissioner Rob Manfred and MLBPA executive director Tony Clark.

The pandemic and George Floyd's death have created a different America than a few months ago. The ability to ignore this and not reach a deal is mind-numbing

Reusse: Blaine Fusion has traveled by design in the past; now, it's by necessity

Jamie Heipel's Class B team has been playing 60-some games annually over past decade. It has taken creativity just to get started in 2020 as Minnesota continues to ban baseball games.

Reusse: Remembering the Vikings' Big Quit at Giants Stadium

Two none-too-pleased Vikings -- wide receiver Randy Moss (84) and quarterback Daunte Culpepper -- watched from the sidelines during the third quarter

The Vikings were favored and bursting with confidence prior to the NFC Championship Game in January 2001. The only thing they failed to do was show up.

Reusse: The night Bobby Heenan wore the weasel suit in St. Paul

Pro wrestler Bobby Heenan ended up in the notorious weasel suit after losing a pro wrestling match to Greg Gagne at the St. Paul Civic Center in 1980.

"I wasn't in attendance on this notorious night in the St. Paul; instead, our friend Dark Star (RIP, 6-01-2012) was the eyewitness who rated this as his all-time favorite sporting event."

Reusse: When 'Captain Dynamite' blew himself up at Met Stadium

Reusse: When 'Captain Dynamite' blew himself up at Met Stadium

The last thing found about the 'captain' in a quick internet search was him being in a Houston court on a charge of illegally storing dynamite. His explanation: The dynamite was the source of his livelihood.

Top event on NFL schedule: Bills Mafia invades Las Vegas in October

Twenty-two years after Vincent Gallo's "Buffalo '66,'' we still can't be sure: Was it wicked satire or a docudrama on Bills fans?

Reusse: Can a switch to sidearm salvage reliever Jake Reed's career?

Twins prospect Jake Reed

Rochester bullpen coach Mike McCarthy gave reliever Jake Reed a blunt message: What you're doing hasn't been good enough.

Reusse's mailbag: 'Why do you hate Coach Fleck so much?'

Gophers coach P.J. Fleck

" 'Hater' has turned into a throwaway term in the internet age to label anyone with a differing sports opinion." Patrick Reusse answers the Fleck question and more.

Reusse: Sold-out tee times, big smiles and adequate pace

The scene Saturday at Columbia Golf Club included social distancing circles.

Tee times became available shortly after Friday's announcement golf courses could open this weekend. He or she who hesitated teed off late Saturday.

Morneau on Lew Ford; plus Earl Weaver, Jim Frey and Doc's poise

Morneau: "Every team needs a Lew Ford.'' Ball writers: "Every manager's office could use a Weaver or a Frey.''

Confirmed: Billy was arrested for being drunk and arguing about a horse

The internet reveals all -- even smaller indiscretions (by Martin's standards) that occurred well before "online'' became part of our lives.

Reusse: Fans' love for troubled Billy Martin was immense, mysterious

About three weeks after he was fired as manager of the Twins in 1969, about 600 people gathered at the Richfield American Legion club to honor Billy M

Martin's connection with the public went beyond winning. What exactly was that connection escaped some of us.

March 1, 2005: Virginia hockey finally celebrates a state tourney trip

Winter drives to the Iron Range guaranteed being rewarded with colorful yarns. Fifteen years later, this remains an all-time favorite feature/column.

Reusse: Drama disappeared from spring training well before the shutdown

Byung Ho Park during spring training in 2017.

Rookie prospects and obscure veterans becoming "phenoms'' and dominating news from spring training? Yeah, that was fun when we could sell it.

3-15-1995: Sid has birthday, without admitting it's No. 75

Episode Three reveals Sid's proof to a young Reusse that, yes, you could get anyone on the phone (and that was decades before cells).

5-18-2014: Sid Hartman Field takes him back to roots

Major League Baseball and Twins include Hartman Field in All-Star Game fundraising for the host area in Episode Two.

12-22-2016: Sid breaks a hip, and bounces back

If today's special section in Star Tribune wasn't enough, here's Episode One of a three-part reminder of Mr. Hartman.

Reusse: A Wolves question after two months away - who are these guys?

Timberwolves President of NBA Basketball Operations Gersson Rosas, left, and head coach Ryan Saunders, right, pose with new players during an NBA bask

Gorgui. Shabazz. Covington the Defender. Dribblin' Jeff. Sleepy Andrew. They're all gone, replaced by strangers.