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WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump was outraised by Joe Biden in May, but Trump maintains a sizable advantage in cash on hand over the Democrat.

The Trump re-election effort, including fundraising by the Republican National Committee, on Saturday reported that its total for last month was $74 million, days after Biden and Democrats said they had raised nearly $81 million last month for his White House bid.

Trump reported having $265 million in the bank at the end of May. Biden and Democrats have yet to disclose their comparable numbers for that period, but the figures are expected to be available once the campaign makes its official filing with the Federal Election Commission. The total was $103 million in the bank at the end of April.

Trump's campaign announced this past week that it raised $14 million last Sunday, the president's birthday.

Biden on Monday brought in $6 million at a single event featuring Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a onetime rival for the nomination. He plans a fundraiser Tuesday with former President Barack Obama.

Trump's campaign has begun wide-scale general election ads, spending about $24 million on TV and digital spots over the past month.