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For weeks, Rep. Michele Bachmann has touted $450 billion in spending cuts to help get the country’s debt under wraps.

A detailed list of the cuts, which actually add up to a little more than $430 billion, reveals a conservative wish-list of federal programs to be downsized or outright eliminated.

Bachmann’s spending cuts span across the government spectrum, slashing everything from agriculture to Homeland Security to science funding. Some of her ideas, like defunding federal abortion grants, are red meat for conservatives. Others, like abolishing the Department of Education, would be considered more controversial.

The time period for the cuts is a combination of one and five years, according to her office.

Here are highlights of the cuts Bachmann is proposing:

  • Agriculture: Bachmann suggests replacing farm subsidies with farmer savings accounts as one of a series of agriculture cuts to slash $20 billion.
  • Education: Bachmann proposes two routes for education cuts, one abolishing the Department of Education (cuts $31 billion), the other scaling it back and ending Race to the Top (cuts $29 billion). Both plans return Pell Grant funding to 2009 levels.
  • Transportation: Bachmann suggests devolving the federal highway program and privatizing TSA, the FAA and Amtrak. In all, Bachmann proposes $60.7 billion in transportation cuts. This could implicate the Central Corridor.
  • Health Care: Bachmann wants to repeal Obamacare (which has an “unknown” amount attached). She also seeks to eliminate the Maternal and Child Health block grant and Title X family planning, along with defunding planned parenthood and federal grants to abortion facilities.
  • Arctic: Opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refugee (ANWR), for leasing, i.e. oil exploration, would cut $1.7 billion.
  • Stimulus: A popular idea among conservatives, Bachmann says returning unspent stimulus spending would save $60 billion.
  • Repeal, baby, repeal: In addition to repealing “Obamacare,” Bachmann proposes repealing the Dodd-Frank Act (Wall St. reform), the Food Safety & Modernization Act, and the Davis-Bacon Act.

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