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An Anoka County corrections officer was charged Thursday with fourth-degree sexual assault for an alleged encounter with a female prisoner.

Jeffrey Allan Backowski, 57, was seen on camera in the women's locker room within the Anoka County jail workhouse in Anoka in February, according to court documents.

A female inmate told authorities that Backowski touched her breasts over her clothing and slid his hand down her pants, touching her behind, the documents said.

Other female inmates told authorities that Backowski was in the locker room with the inmate on at least two occasions.

According to the court documents, officers who reviewed surveillance camera footage noted that Backowski could be seen in the women's locker room on three consecutive days: Feb. 7, 8 and 9. He directed the woman inmate to a "blind spot," well known to jail personnel, out of the view of the camera. He remained in that spot for 30 to 40 seconds, according to court documents. Normally, the distance within the blind spot can be checked in two to three seconds, the complaint said.

Backowski admitted to being in the locker room with the alleged victim but denied touching her, according to the court documents.