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Adam Belz is the agriculture reporter for the Star Tribune. He previously spent one-and-a-half years reporting at Minneapolis City Hall and four years covering economics. Before that, he reported for the Des Moines Register and Cedar Rapids Gazette.

A native of Iowa, Belz lives in Minneapolis with his wife and their two young children. They spend a lot of time at playgrounds. In his free time, usually late at night, he watches soccer.

Meatpacking is nearly normal, but workers left to cope with COVID-19's toll

More than 30,000 meatpacking workers nationally have fallen ill. At least 100 have died, with the lives of others upended or permanently altered.

At epicenter of Minneapolis riots, a reckoning is underway

Among small business owners on Lake Street, there is grief, anger and hope for change as they make decisions about whether to rebuild.

Nur Omar Mohamed was 'Superdad' and mentor to many in Minneapolis Somali community

Nur Omar Mohamed, the father of U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, was a mentor to many young people and a man whose support of his daughter's…

Minneapolis gathering focuses on a future with a new type of police department

About 150 people brainstormed ideas at North Side park

Meatpacking plants nearly back at capacity, but COVID fallout continues on farms

Farmers and consumers continue to pay a price from the shutdown.

Minnesota soybean farmers may use dicamba despite court ruling

The recent court ruling was "very untimely," says Minnesota's ag commissioner.

Minnesota farmer charged with cheating grain elevator

Federal prosecutors say he had two co-conspirators who worked at the CHS elevator in Herman.

Burned-out pharmacies leave a hole in Twin Cities neighborhoods

Pharmacies, and the controlled substances they hold, were a particular target for looting in last week's chaos, even far from Lake Street in Minneapolis and University Avenue in St. Paul, the hardest-hit areas. Swaths of the metro now have no open pharmacy for miles.

Glen Taylor-owned pork firm in Windom to merge with Canadian pork producer

Manitoba-based HyLife is one of Canada's largest producers.

Virus hit meat plants just as workers asked to speed up

Even as the outbreak began to force plants to temporarily close last month, the U.S. Department of Agriculture continued granting permission to chicken processors to boost speeds by 25% on production lines.