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Age: Old enough, Party or principal: We the People . . ., Job and title: Metro Transit afternoon supervisor for maintenance, Neighborhood: Whittier, Contact:

Priority, if elected: My priority would be to make sure that the civil servants that are working with the city, police, judges, uphold the constitution. Investigate the mayor's authorities and strengthen his ability to understand what the people want and need.

Ideas for job/population growth: My concerns are about the arrangements that the money has with the people, specifically that the control that the banks have over the availability and value of the money.

Ideas to reduce crime: Improve health and stabilize the money.

Ideas to lower property taxes: Stabilize the money and change landscaping to include more personal property farming or growing of food.

Did you support or oppose the Minnesota Vikings stadium package, approved by the city in May 2012? I opposed it.

Should the city build a $200 million streetcar line along Nicollet and Central Avenues? No.

Should the mayor be allowed to appoint some school board members? Yes.

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