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In exactly one week, the Packers, Vikings and the vast majority of the rest of the NFL will report for the start of training camp.

An offseason of intrigue for Green Bay is about to end. And the big question still looming, as it has for three months now, is what quarterback Aaron Rodgers will do this season.

ESPN's Adam Schefter cracked open the case of the unhappy Rodgers on the day of the draft, reporting that Rodgers was so miffed with how things have transpired in "Titletown" that he no longer wanted to play for the Packers.

And on Tuesday, Schefter added another bit of reporting that gives us a few insights into how things are going with this tweet: "This off-season, the Packers offered Aaron Rodgers a two-year contract extension that would have tied him to Green Bay for five more seasons and made him the highest-paid QB and player in football."

Schefter added, "Rodgers declined the offer, proof it's not about the money."

The second bit is speculative. The first part, though, is interesting.

The nature of the information makes it seem as though it almost certainly came from the Packers side and not Rodgers' camp. Which side would be most interested in having that piece of information out there? The side that is offering to make Rodgers the highest-paid player or the player who said nah that's not good enough?

If we are in the battle of public opinion stage of the war between the sides — which has probably been the case for a while, as Rodgers rides around playing celebrity golf and giving more cryptic answers about his future — that can't be good for the Packers.

I still can't help but wonder if a trade is going to happen before the season starts. If you are curious, Denver is widely considered to have among the worst QB depth charts in the NFL while also having the second-most cap space. With the opportunity to pick a QB in the draft this season, the Broncos passed.

We'll get more answers in a week if Rodgers is a no-show at training camp. Schefter is right that it isn't about the money. How far Rodgers is willing to take this is a beautiful mystery that is soon to be revealed.