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If you are a frustrated Twins fan after their 11-19 start, you came to the right place. Chip Scoggins joins the show as he recalls the column he wrote almost exactly five years ago after the Twins started 8-20. That year, he called Twins owner Jim Pohlad, who offered up the now-infamous quote about how the organization was experiencing "total system failure." That team went on to lose 103 games; this year's team figures to be much better than that, but with losses mounting — and no relief in sight after another extra-innings loss Thursday — there are some unfortunate parallels.

Frustration at Target Field boiled over during three losses to Texas this week, including a fan who displayed a "Fire Rocco" sign behind home plate during Wednesday's loss. That fan, Ben Perlman, joins the show to explain what prompted him to bring that sign, how he got it into the game and what his particular gripes are with Twins manager Rocco Baldelli.

At the outset of the show: Host Michael Rand explains why this Aaron Rodgers story isn't going away anytime soon and advises Vikings fans to enjoy it while it lasts.

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