Scene at the fair

A fresh perspective of Minnesota State Fair finds beauty in the details

That familiar skyline, those hulking old Art Deco buildings, the garish Midway are the big views. Now try zooming in.

There's plenty to see at the State Fair. That's an understatement. But there's also the understated — little things, those things we see without seeing them, that add to the joy. Pause and look closely to see the beauty of detail.

A pig pushed its snout through its cage in the Swine Barn.
A nearly-eaten cone of Coffee Chocolate Twist (Mocha) custard from the Grandstand Frozen Custard booth.
Aurora Xiong, 2, of St. Paul, licked her lips after a spoon-full of ice cream during her first ever day at the fair.
A sunflower was almost ready to bloom outside the Kemp Little Farm Hands booth.
Blistered roasted corn, photo on the left, and a Pronto Pup with ketchup and mustard, photo on the right.
A dropped French fry rests on the ground beside the foot of Michele Lukkason, of Farmington, near the Midway.
A stack of Sweet Martha’s Cookies.
Ron Kelsey, 82, the superintendent of Farm Crops for the fair, got his first and only tattoo of an ear of corn at 75. “I’m a corn person,” said Kelsey with a chuckle.
A Blue Ribbon in the Education Building on a STEM exhibit.
French fries and ketchup.
Samantha Allman, of Lindstrom, looks on as she takes a break at the fair.
Seed art, by Benjamin Denson, of Minneapolis, depicts fair mascot, Fairchild, standing by a pair of Minions. The piece is made up of brown and gold flax seeds, chia seeds, green split peas, mustard seed, pearled barley, sorghum seed and wild rice.
Thousands of yeasty bubbles rise from a Coors lite sitting beside a fairgoer near the Grandstand.
Bubbles are blown by a duck at a vendor booth as the SkyGlider moves riders across the fairground.
The texture from a strawberry vanilla twist cone from the Grandstand Frozen Custard booth.
A pair of busy bees near the “Buzz Booth” in the Horticulture building.
The back of Luigi, an iguana on display outside Monty’s Traveling Reptile Show.
Norah Paquette, of White Bear Lake, 8, received a fake pig tattoo in the swine barn.
An award-winning musk melon, photo on the left, and texture on the side of an award-winning pumpkin, photo on the right, in the Horticulture Building.
Pickle Pizza from Rick's Pizza.
Julia Pederson, 11, of Maple Grove, takes a bite from her Shrimp Skewer from the Shrimp Shack outside the Horticulture Building.
Texture on the side of an award-winning pumpkin in the horticulture building.
A demonstration outside the ABC Seamless building saw tiny waterfalls trickling onto asphalt shingle roofing to show the effectiveness of gutter guards.
A nearly eaten chocolate vanilla soft serve from the Dairy Building.
Yupeng Moua, 7, of Oak River, lays down on a bench as the SkyGlider operates above, the ride he hopes to go on once he’s done digesting his food from the afternoon. He’s had a busy day of going on rollercoasters, eating pizza, lemonade and ice cream.