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Date Result Rec. Milestone

Aug. 7 W 84-78 at L.A. 16-4 Won franchise-record ninth game in a row.

Aug. 14 W 82-54 vs. Tulsa 18-5 Clinched third winning season in franchise history.

Aug. 18 W 81-62 at Wash. 19-6 Set franchise record for victories in a season.

Aug. 20 W 87-68 vs. L.A. 20-6 Clinched third playoff spot in franchise history.

Aug. 28 W 72-61 at S.A. 23-6 Clinched Western Conference championship.

Sept. 2 L 78-62 vs. N.Y. 24-7 Clinched best record in WNBA despite loss.

Sept. 20 W 85-67 vs. S.A. Won first playoff series in team history.

Sept. 25 W 103-86 at Pho. Advanced to first WNBA Finals.

Oct. 7 W 73-67 at Atl. Won first WNBA championship.