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The Timberwolves reportedly held tight to Zach LaVine this summer when trying to trade for Chicago’s Jimmy Butler and LaVine's recent comments might indicate why.

LaVine told Sports Illustrated that he and the Wolves’ other young stars Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins have built a special bond and want to rebuild the franchise together.

“We’re very close. [The] last two years I spent with Andrew, last year with Karl. We’ve become closer as we’ve gotten to know each other. We hope to be together for a long time and we’re trying to rebuild the Timberwolves franchise,” LaVine said in the interview. “The better we get, we know the better the organization gets, so we try to set high goals. We talk all the time about our chemistry and different things we need to work on.”

Sports Illustrated caught up with LaVine last week at his summer camp in Vancouver for a Q&A on various topics including his dunking skills, the Wolves’ young stars, new coach Tom Thibodeau, first-round draft pick Kris Dunn, Kevin Durant joining Golden State, Kevin Garnett’s future, the Wolves’ playoff chances, and his relationship with the rapper Drake.

LaVine said he worked out with Thibodeau this summer and likes his style of coaching.

“I worked out with coach a couple of times now. He is really strict and he’s ready to go, so I like that,” LaVine said. “He’s going to push you and he’s very aggressive and he tells you how it is.”

As for Dunn and how he fits into the Wolves’ young talented core, LaVine said “Dunn is a very athletic point guard. I met him twice I think, worked out with him once. He’s going to be a great player. We saw what he can do in the Summer League, so it’s going to be fun.”

LaVine had a lot more to say, so check out the full Q&A for all the details.