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Xcel Energy customers with Google Assistant will be able to access their accounts with verbal commands, including to pay bills.

The Minneapolis-based electricity and gas provider announced the service this week, which Xcel says builds on its collaboration with Google.

Xcel launched its first set of actions for Google Assistant last year, allowing customers to access information about energy efficiency improvements for their homes.

Now, Xcel customers with Google Assistant can verbally find out balances and due dates, as well as pay monthly bills.

Once their Xcel and Google Assistant accounts are linked, customers can retrieve their utility information by saying, “OK Google, pay my energy bill,” Xcel said in a press statement.

In the future, Xcel expects that customers will be able to verbally personalize their energy management through Google Assistant.

Google Assistant is available on more than one billion devices, including Google Nest Hub, Google Home and iPhones with the Assistant app, according to Xcel.