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Does North Korea's moon mission have a darker aim to target U.S.?

Parade participants marched with a model of the Unha space launch vehicle in Pyongyang, North Korea.

U.S. intelligence suggests Iran may be helping develop the technology.

China wows the world with largest single-dish radio telescope

China has begun operating the world’s largest radio telescope — the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope.

Scientific wonder will probe deep into universe.

Taiwan closes schools, offices ahead of island-wide typhoon

Schools and offices have been closed on Taiwan and people in dangerous areas have been evacuated as a large typhoon with 162 kilometers- (100 miles-) per-hour winds approaches the island.

ADB says developing Asian economies are holding steady

Developing economies in Asia are holding steady and will grow at the earlier forecast rate of 5.7 percent this year and next, buoyed by resilience in the region's two largest economies, China and India, the Asian Development Bank said Tuesday.

Colombia embarks on path to peace with historic accord

After a half-century of combat that spilled blood across this South American nation, Colombians have embarked on a new, but difficult path to settle their political differences with the signing of a historic peace accord between the government and leftist rebels.

WHO: Excessive air pollution affects 92 percent of people

The World Health Organization says more than nine out of 10 people worldwide live in areas with excessive air pollution, contributing to problems like strokes, heart disease and lung cancer.

Failure to get Syria cease-fire stole spotlight at UN

The failed attempt by the U.S. and Russia to revive a cease-fire in Syria stole the spotlight at the annual U.N. gathering of world leaders but every other global hotspot had its moment — and there were some chuckles as well including a message to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to be ready to receive his gift of a "white bull" from South Sudan.

China sentences 3 to suspended terms over labor activism

A court in southern China's industrial heartland has sentenced three labor organizers who led strikes to suspended prison sentences.

Former President Aristide leaps from behind scenes in Haiti

Former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide has leaped from behind the scenes to take a major role in campaigning for next month's presidential election, leading many to believe the most polarizing figure in the tumultuous world of Haitian politics is poised to regain influence if his party wins.

Mexico's governing party strips governor of party support

An internal committee of Mexico's governing party said Monday that it decided to strip party rights from one of its state governors under federal investigation for corruption.

Migrants just keep on coming to 'the Jungle' in France

Camp is a symbol of Europe's inability to cope with desperate people.

Driving rain and wind diverts plans for Canadian royal tour

Plans to show off one of British Columbia's most beautiful areas to Prince William and his wife, Kate, were scuttled by bad weather.

The Latest: Colombia accord signing ends with 'Ode to Peace'

The latest on the signing of a historic peace deal in Colombia (all times local):

Azerbaijan holds referendum on presidential term extension

Amid international criticism, Azerbaijanis held a referendum Monday on proposed constitutional changes that would extend the presidential term and powers in the ex-Soviet republic.

72 accused of running drug-trafficking ring in Puerto Rico

Authorities in Puerto Rico say 72 people have been indicted on charges of operating a multimillion-dollar drug-trafficking ring.

Families of missing 43 students lead march in Mexico

The families of 43 missing Mexican college students led a march of unions, students and other supporters through the capital Monday to demand the young men be found on the second anniversary of their disappearance.

Human rights groups denounce displacement in El Salvador

Human rights activists in El Salvador say more than 1,000 people have been internally displaced by threats from gangs and, in some cases, from authorities since the beginning of 2015.

Magellanic penguin mating season begins in Argentina

Thousands of Magellanic penguins are arriving at Argentina's Punta Tombo peninsula for their breeding season.

Hundreds of Romanian couples cash in on lasting love

A district of the Romanian capital on Monday celebrated hundreds of couples who have been married for at least half a century by handing out cash awards and inviting them to a joint lunch.