Jim Souhan
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St. Louis -

Zach Parise is having a big series. In four games, he has two goals, one assist and a dozen plays in which he has put his health - and his battered face - in harm's way.

He even fought back when Blues defenseman Alex Pietrangelo smashed him in the third period. Parise usually doesn't talk much, but he had a lot to say as the series turned physical as well as competitive.

``It feels like a race to two,'' Parise said, noting that the losing team has scored zero or one goal in each game.

Parise has scabs on his nose and cheeks and he looks like he's searching for more. He has crashed the net and fought along the boards and while none of that is new, there have been times during this series where it felt like he wasn't getting much help in those areas.

Wednesday, he didn't produce a point but continued to lead the charge.


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