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Wild fans appear to be holding onto hope entering Game 5 against St. Louis trailing the first-round series 3-1.

A quick survey of and recent action on Twitter revealed 33 out of 50 game-related comments are optimistic the Wild will win Saturday and possibly rally to win the series.

This argues there is more optimism than pessimism among the fan base, although 34 percent of our survey showed little faith in the Wild.

Voting on reveals hockey fans expect St. Louis to win the series, while 35 percent of voters believe the Wild will the next three games and advance to the second round.

A sampling of the optimism and pessimism: comments
Arniej: "Saturday afternoon is supposed to be beautiful, won't be watching these chumps."

Rallen1225: "We will see what the team is made of in Game 5 if the team can use the momentum it built in Game 4. Let's use the roll to roll: every player has to bring their A+ game: how badly do you want it, Wild?"

Rallen1225: "Nice to see Coyle step up his game: he played a full three periods on both ends of the ice and I hope Game 4 brings that kind of passion, ability and consistency going forward ... Wild needs every player to bring it. Hope Saturday brings continued momentum and confide that the team can do it ... one period at a time. Let's do this!"

Evie: "Give credit to the Wild for working hard and not folding.......NHL is tough as also noted by Chicago struggles in this year's playoffs. Go Wild!!!!!"

Pspoolplayer: "Come on Wild, you can do it!"

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