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A month ago, the Vikings were 2-2 and sputtering along in a Monday Night Football game at Chicago. They found their rhythm with Case Keenum at QB and had some fun in the process. After one of the two second-half touchdown drives he led in an eventual 20-17 victory, Vikings players gathered in the end zone for a game of “duck, duck gray duck” (at least that’s what we call it in most of Minnesota).

The Vikings haven’t lost since. Coincidence? Probably.

But the end zone fun continued during Minnesota’s fifth win in a row — with Keenum starring again — Sunday at Washington. After Adam Thielen scored a go-ahead touchdown in the midst of a monster game for him and a 38-30 Vikings victory, players lined up for a quick game of leapfrog — hopping over each other in succession. It’s more fun to watch than describe. Here:

It appears the Vikings are taking full advantage of the NFL’s offseason decision to ease up on some of the touchdown celebration rules it had put in place.

We can only imagine what else the Vikings might have in store for the rest of the season, but it appears they enjoy variations on childhood games. I could go for some hot potato, hopscotch or maybe even some dodgeball as long as nobody gets hurt.

At least with this latest celebration there isn’t any controversy about what to call it. Or is there …