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Ten Thousand Things' 'Electra' finds humanity in horrible people

Audrey Park as “Electra” in an adaptation by Ten Thousand Things.

With powerful performances, "Electra" epitomizes what sets Ten Thousand Things apart.

'Music Man' delivers its irresistible pitch at Bloomington arts center

Michael Gruber, Liam Beck-O’Sullivan and Jennifer Eckes.

REVIEW: Artistry dazzles with showmanship in staging at Bloomington Center for the Arts.

A magical, mysterious story hour at Red Eye Theater

REVIEW: Centered on a divorcee, new play at Red Eye Theater reflects on the stories we tell each other.

Old Log goes back to the '50s with 'Life Could Be a Dream'

REVIEW: Old Log Theatre puts another nickel in the jukebox musical "Life Could Be a Dream."

Rosie Herrera Dance Theatre plays with the absurd

Review: Rosie Herrera's acting chops hold together incongruent dance pieces at the O'Shaughnessy.

AG forces Minnesota for-profit theater group to end nonprofit foundation

Owners of the National Theatre for Children agreed not to create any new nonprofits in which they held more than 3 percent of the shares.

'Feral Fables' opens at Rosalux Gallery

‘Feral Fables: O Pioneer & Family Fremds’ What do Satanic goats and staged mini-dioramas of nature have to do with each other? The only conceivable answer…

Comic Ali Wong swings into Minneapolis for one-night stand-up show

The Cobra strikes If only Ali Wong had followed her 2016 Netflix special, “Baby Cobra,” with an aggressive tour schedule, she’d be stand-up’s hottest comic.…

'Prairie Home' host Chris Thile promises more great music, better jokes

It seems the changes have clicked with younger listeners, convincing St. Paul-based American Public Media to distribute another round.

A playful exhibition about work at Walker Art Center

Nairy Baghramian's witty show reflects on her nearly two decades of making art.

Cuban-American choreographer Rosie Herrera performs memory-filled solo in St. Paul

Dancing with childhood memoriesCuban-American choreographer Rosie Herrera took Minneapolis by storm in 2012 with her Northrop performance of "Various Stages of Drowning: A Cabaret," a…

Bible meets Prohibition in new musical 'Sam's Son'

REVIEW: Despite a worthwhile message, Bucket Brigade work is not yet a tight dramatic vessel.

From Goodwill to Home Depot: Where the Guthrie Theater gets its props

This is the time of the year when Rebecca Jo Malmstrom starts shopping for Christmas dinner.

History Theatre scores political victory with 'All the Way,' a rewarding portrait of LBJ's civil rights legacy

REVIEW: The rewarding production explores a seminal moment in 1960s history and the president who changed civil rights.

Guthrie Theater's 'Watch on the Rhine' issues a clarion call for moral clarity

Guthrie's first production of a Lillian Hellman play calls out for moral clarity.

Costume designer creates 'magical' work for Twin Cities theaters

Costume designer Trevor Bowen shapes how an audience experiences characters in Twin Cities theaters.

Financial analysis shows steep debt, revenue dropoff for Intermedia Arts

The organization's leaders failed to cut spending in recent years despite a steep decline in revenue.

'Medusa' enchants with full story of mythical monster

Review: Set along the Mississippi, the collaborative work merges dance, lyrics, music, video and fire.

'Fargo' actor turned director oversees a fond farewell to one of his compatriots

Guthrie alum John Carroll Lynch bonded with Harry Dean Stanton in what turned out to be his final movie.