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McKinney Roe owner taking over former Masa space on Nicollet Mall

The Southern-inspired operation, with a major wines-by-the-glass component, will open in November. The menu, like the restaurant's name, is still in development.

Key to Sunday wine sales: Listen to the customer

Three wine-store owners plan carefully with increased competition and extra hours for sales.

"The Perennial Plate" filmmakers plan new series, on immigrants

The Minnesota team uses Kickstarter to fund its latest effort to bring films to Facebook.

Time to vote in Ultimate Minnesota Beer Bracket Championship round

It's been a heck of a journey to arrive at this final matchup, which we never could have expected in our wildest dreams.

Surly goes down! Vote in the Ultimate Minnesota Beer Bracket Foamy Four

We've got ourselves some March drama, folks, so drink it up — and then cast your vote in the penultimate round before we crown the best brewery in Minnesota.

Vote in the Ultimate Minnesota Beer Bracket Ale-ite Eight

The people have spoken, the matchups are set and voting for this latest dog-eat-dog round begins now.

Burger Friday: Have it your way at the Hilltop in Edina

A design-your-own burger is the menu's most popular feature at the Johnson family's sharp remake of their Eden Avenue Grill.

Wine of the Week: 2014 Chateau Cailleteau Bergeron Côtes de Blaye

2014 Chateau Cailleteau Bergeron Côtes de Blaye Really good, nicely priced Bordeaux reds continue to hit local shelves and restaurant lists. One major stalwart is…

3 seasonal restaurants in Minnesota to open soon

Chef Shack Bay City This ultra-charming weekend-only restaurant — the pride and joy of pioneering food truckers Lisa Carlson and Carrie Summer — is the…

Minn. breweries: Here are the Ultimate Beer Bracket Sudsy Sixteen winners

Now that more than 14,000 votes have been tallied, these Minnesota breweries advance to the Ale-ite Eight.

Vote in the Ultimate Beer Bracket Sudsy Sixteen of Minnesota breweries

Now that the matchups are determined, you've got the opportunity to vote for each brewery head-to-head all the way to the championship round.

Wayzata hotel and restaurant to debut in June

The restaurant details are staying super secret for now.

North Loop news: A change in chefs for the Hewing Hotel's Tullibee

Opening chef Grae Nonas is leaving the four-month-old restaurant. His replacement? Australian Bradley Day.

Steak, steak and steak: Manny's restaurant stays in top form over decades

The downtown steakhouse is pushing 30 and going strong. Co-founder Phil Roberts reflects on the restaurant's roots and legacy.

Expand your wine horizons with classes, books and tastings

The journey to learning about this favorite grape beverage comes one sip at a time.

St. Paul pub focuses on neighborhood favorites

Brunson's Pub (brunsonspub.com), the reincarnation of the former Schwietz Saloon in St. Paul, opened its doors on Monday, debuting a pub menu with international…

Wayzata's latest restaurant (serving breakfast and lunch) will come from Mill Valley Kitchen chef Mike Rakun

No name yet, but the new casual cafe will open this summer in the Promenade of Wayzata.

New California-Mexican restaurant to debut in Wayzata

Baja Haus will open on March 29.

Station Pizzeria is now open in Minnetonka

Ryan Burnet's latest venture serves up pizza in the 'burbs.