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An unusual Bank Swallow nesting

A solo effort instead of a colony

Hey, there's a Necrophila americana in this nest box!

Cleanup duty

Suet is popular baby food around here

Pileated Woodpeckers and crows frequent visitors at our suet feeders

Birds and butterflies have much in common

Books give substance to 'butterflying' as they do to birding

Book 'H Is for Hawk' is being adapted for filming

Lena Headey, who plays Cersei on 'Game of Thrones', has the project

Flycatcher chooses duck box for nest

Lots and lots of room for the family

Trumpeter Swan families

Photos of one family at Crex Meadows, Wisconsin

Singing catbird wouldn't compete with car noise

The bird stopped briefly, waiting for cars to pass

Green Heron coming at you

It was hunting frogs in the pond behind our house. Take a look at its gnarly legs and feet.

Mallard -- up close and personal

Grooming contortions

Books -- bird intelligence & birds of Europe, N. Africa, Middle East

The guide book uses excellent photos for 860 species, many of which are familiar to us, with map color choices that make sense (!!)

Merganser chicks were in a rush to leave the nest

Common Mergansers hatched in Watertown

Green Heron takes notice, takes flight

A flock of swallows gave it strong motivation

It's sort of like taking her out to dinner

Evidence that you are a good provider

Anyone here understand Tree Swallow?

Perhaps all we need to know is what we see

Birding and ticks go together, unfortunately

Precautions are well-worth taking

Scarlet Tanager photographed at Crex Meadows

The wildlife area north of Grantsburg, Wis., is a great place for birding

Oriole behavior was unusual, and the light was perfect

Stage-lighting for a glowing performer

Surprise visit by a Great Blue Heron

Common Loon pair was upset

Low profile for bird photos works

Changing the human profile