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Crex Meadows bird activity mostly waterfowl right now

A quick visit Thursday found nesting eagles and ice on potholes

Please use "chickadee checkoff" when you file your state tax form

The money goes to the DNR non-game wildlife fund. It helps pay for things like the eagle cam currently focused on a nest with three chicks.

Creator of breeding bird survey dies at age 98

Chandler Robbins made many contributions to birds and birding

All three eagle chicks, the ones on live video, are looking good

Lots of eagles in the metro area. DNR spokesman says cats can be prey items fed to eagle chicks.

Birders, photographers, and others boosted 2015 duck stamp sales

More stamps sold at new higher price = more revenue for habitat purchase

This new guide to raptors has it both ways

Mexico and Central America, but all of our raptors are here

Spring warbler walk May 13 at Wolsfeld Woods SNA

The site is adjacent to County Road 6 north of the city of Long Lake

Our single climate constant is on display

Increasing daylight triggers plumage change

Migrant Tundra Swans are being seen at Old Cedar Ave. bridge

On their way to nesting along the Canadian Arctic coast and in far northwestern Alaska

That habitat stamp, aka the duck stamp

(Pheasants) Forever the right idea

A dark trick with a dummy bird

"Look, right over there...."

Photos of Bald Eagle chicks being fed

Saturday evening, from MN DNR video feed

Detroit Lake bird festival shows value of duck-stamp money

The festival, one of the best anywhere, will be May 18-21

Rising air temperatures are a growing problem for birds

Study focuses on desert species, but all birds eventually will be at risk

Spotting scope with binocular eyepiece

New from Swarovski

About handedness in birds

Chickadees at Lutsen use both hands (feet)

Atmospheric carbon dioxide content March 4, 2017

Up, up, up

Will all three eggs in the video-cam eagle nest hatch? Probably.

Will all three eagle chicks survive? Probably not.

Do chickadees have handedness, left or right?

There actually has been study about this

GrrlScientist writes interesting articles about birds

Today's topic: dehydration in desert-dwelling bird species. Dehydrated birds can die in a few hours. Pertinent here? Just wait.