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Cliff Swallows were busy with nest building

Photos taken at old barn in western Hennepin County

Tree Swallows almost always use feathers in nest construction

Struggle to both find them and get them in the door

CO2 content of atmosphere has passed a mark millions of years old

410 parts per million on April 18, rising to 411.27 on May 15

Photos of Tree Swallows mating

A brief encounter after courtship meant to find a fit mate

Killdeer uses foot to stir up a meal

Herons, egrets, and other shorebirds use this technique

Belted Kingfisher nest found by following the calling bird

Best yet, it's right in our neighborhood

Tree Swallow portrait

Close look at a beautiful bird

Gulls search newly prepped field for grubs

Franklin's Gulls here. Other species also forage this way

White-faced Ibis: closeup and colorful

There isn't much white on the face, but body colors shimmer

Sandhill Crane on nest -- a rare sight

Pair of cranes is nesting on river backwater in Bloomington

Wet, cold weather has been driving warblers to seed feeders

Warblers are insect-eaters under better conditions

Wet, cold weather likely cause of swallow deaths

Flying insects grounded, denying swallows their only food source

New book -- Peterson Guide to Bird Sounds

The Peterson book on songs, well, not for me. Another book -- accounts of bird survival are much better.

We're home. It just feels like someplace else

Climate -- we broke it, we own it

Wedding dance

Gray Squirrels completing their courtship

627 months and counting

This is not cool

Nesting and incubation demands differ for various waterfowl

Ducks nests are hidden, while geese nest in the open

All about NA woodpeckers. More stories from Bernd Heinrich's cabin

If you haven't read any of Heinrich's 19 books about birds, start here. He tells personal stories about birds he knows very well. He's one of our best authors about birds.

Catching local ducks as they land on water

Just some camera fun with a Mallard and a Bufflehead

Intruding drake loses battle for hen

A brief but intense battle with the reigning male