All females could be a problem

Blame it on the weather

Wildlife rehab center corrected web address

It was wrong in my column in Wednesday's StarTribune

A very, very good field guide for birds

Unfortunately, it's for British birds, but has wonderful design features

First comes the fire, then the flood

Book title "A New Coast" says it all

Boundary Waters forests will burn, climate will see to that

A new book shows how wildfire changes the world

CO2 for Oct. 14, 2019

The usual two-point gain per year

CO2 level for Sept. 29

408.22, up three points in past year

Read this book

"The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming."

CO2 measurement for Sept. 14: 408.12 ppm

The number reflects the vegetation growing season, which removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The count hit 415 this past May, as the growing season began.

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, Sept. 8, 2019

A daily record of global atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration, as measured at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii.

BirdNote is a weekly birding digest delivered by email

It's always interesting and informative, with links offering a world of bird photos and text. Take a look.

Carbon dioxide measurements


A mega book about mega animals

Dinosaur facts and figures, illustrated. An amazing book.

Seabirding -- an addition and a loss

New field guide published, a wonderful guide retires

Explaining value of rainforests

New book gives insight into fires in Brazil

A look at "Unnatural Selection"

Another revealing book by Katrina van Grouw

Bird cams all over the place

Web site has addresses

Wildlife refuges bring money to local communities

Report shows economic contributions made to communities hosting the refuges. And then, read the piece on bird tattoos, tats for people, not birds.

The other flyers in the neighborhood

Dragonflies and Damselflies

Cornell's "Wall of Birds"

Cornell's "Wall of Birds"

Bird art compared to that of Minnesota's Francis Lee Jaques