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Geese engage in wet, wild fight

Geese engage in wet, wild fight

Resident gander protects his pond

Nabbing gnats

Palm Warbler, early migrant

Bird hikes in Brainerd

Thursdays and Saturdays in May

Water too thick to swim, too thin to walk

Water too thick to swim, too thin to walk

Slushy pond is a problem

Motherhood in the snow

She on her nest. Gander is standing by

Bill Thompson III of Bird Watcher's Digest, has died

He was a prolific contributor to the birding world

Crane cam is up and running

Sandhill Cranes in Nebraska

The million-dollar bird

A pigeon gets some respect

Fewer mosquitos, fewer frogs?

Fewer mosquitos, fewer frogs?

We make wild life complicated

A technical issue with bird names

Proposal: drop the possessive apostrophe now used in some names

Proposal would eliminate possessives in bird names

It would be Lincoln Sparrow, not Lincoln's Sparrow

Sound made visible -- new books on bird song

Eastern and Western guides to North American birds

When we have the same weather as eastern Kansas ...

there will be some bird species changes

A 12-step program for birders: name that bird

Not a helping hand in the usual 12-step way

DNR eagle cam is on

Nest is covered in snow, what else?

How do birds survive the winter?

An article from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

More on the dangerous change in insect population numbers

This is and will be a huge problem for birds

No caps, no mittens, just feed me

Keep your feeders clear of snow and full

Birding e-Bulletin for January now available

Minnesota's Barmbling is in the news

Who's friendly, who's not

Birds know, and react accordingly