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Dying birds, butterflies, hurricanes, and duck stamps

Brief summaries of some news items

Goldfinches find seeds, but not at feeders

Feeding on garden resources

Wings of a different kind

More seasonal migrants among us

It's the question about woodpeckers drilling on your (my) house

I have no good answer this time

There is now a third crossbill species

Endemic to one county in Idaho

107 different books on birds

No, wait ... state park guide book makes 108

A crow a day for almost 800 consecutive days

Or, how about chickadees for 675 days in a row?

Red Crossbills reported from west central Minnesota

These are unusual sightings of a species dependent on coniferous trees for food

Shorebirds in midst of migration

Find a muddy shoreline

Cliff Swallows aren't common in metro area, but can be found

This flyer was nesting in Orono

Your field guide just went out of date, in a minor way

AOU makes some changes

An odd Baltimore Oriole nest

Colorful and empty, unfortunately

Juvenile Pied-billed Grebe and swallowtail butterflies

Crex is filled with blooming wildflowers right now

Birds are no help with beetle infestation

Japanese beetles are in the air, and the traps

Sharp-tailed Grouse have returned to Crex wildlife area

For years, Crex Meadows in NW Wisconsin had resident Sharp-tailed Grouse. They disappeared. Now, they are back.

Cooper's Hawks looked like babies one day, left four days later

These birds, young looking though they are, now are learning to hunt, a lesson to be mastered before winter

A brief aside on tree frogs

The frog apparently was waiting for me to turn on the light

Duck stamp art competition to be in September in Wisconsin

Have you bought the 2016 stamp yet? It's an investment in birding.

More Green Heron photos

It's a favorite bird that occasionally hunts frogs in our pond

Feed me, I'm yours

White-breasted Nuthatches evolved to feed upside down, which they do in any and all circumstances