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Juvenile kittiwakes visiting here are vagabonds

Like some college grads, they travel before settling down

Red-tailed Hawks not always this cooperative

An elegant bird. Nikon D-700, Tamron 150-600mm lens

The price of national security is paid in many currencies

The Wall and one Texas bird sanctuary

Change in law has gutted protection for migratory birds

Action coincides with 100th anniversary of the protection treaty

Benefit for Sax-Zim birding area is Sunday, Jan. 21

Site is Springbrook Nature Center in Fridley

Many winter events scheduled at Sax-Zim in January

Here is a brief look at the schedule

Good bird sightings in Sax-Zim bog this winter

Here is a recent list with locations

Benefit for Sax-Zim bog is Sunday, Jan. 21, in Fridley

Join the fun at Springbrook Nature Center

Trumpeter Swans make social call

Reaction to arrival was loud and active

Everybody's wearing a down coat

Fluffing out feathers to trap body heat

Photos of Great Gray Owl with freshly caught mice

Will Stenberg of Duluth took these in the Sax-Zim bog

Sharp-shinned Hawk hunts feeder birds

Sharp-shinned Hawk hunting feeder birds

When Bald Eagles were fishing on Lake Minnetonka

Looked like catch and release

Lake Minnetonka merganser numbers much lower

On main lake east of Arcola bridge, County Road 15

Has anyone seen a fat, white, flightless duck?

It last made an appearance on Wayzata Bay, Lake Minnetonka. Someone wants to rescue it.

Lake Minnetonka merganser flock vastly smaller today

Perhaps 200 birds can be seen in a distant piece of open water

Thousands of Common Mergansers on Lake Minnetonka

Restless, they are flocking up for migration

Credit for the grebe photo belongs to rehab center

Wildlife rehab staff took the picture

Social media and Snowy Owls

Our enthusiasm can be detrimental to owl survival

Mysterious white waterfowl with the coots

What is it? Why doesn't it leave?