Missing mist? How to help your kids handle the flu shot

Getting a flu shot can be scary and painful for kids.

Parents are scrambling to deal with children's fear of shots now that doctors say to avoid the nasal spray.

Lester Holt keeps cool in hot-tempered Clinton-Trump debate

The NBC anchor was a largely benevolent sheriff in high-profile political showdown.

Minneapolis' most fashionable turn out for Envision fashion show

An eventgoer modeled his Comme des Garcons shoes at the Envision Fashion Show..

Runway looks were hit-and-miss at the 10th annual Envision Minneapolis fashion show. But the people-watching? Not to be missed.

In new memoir, Springsteen recalls dancing with Courteney Cox in St. Paul

He thought Courteney Cox was just a fan in the audience chosen for the video of "Dancing in the Dark."

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Lost your dog? These Minnesota volunteers go high-tech to find Fido

A well-organized group of Minnesota dog lovers uses technology to find lost pets.

Grandma takes on gun violence in Heart of the Beast's poetic 'Queen'

REVIEW: Puppetry and poetry amplify the heartache in Heart of the Beast's "Queen."

Minnesota Opera's 'Romeo and Juliet' is first-rate production of second-rate opera

Review: Minnesota Opera's production is eye-filling and smart, with some seriously gutsy singing.

Marilyn Carlson Nelson named chair-elect of Minnesota Orchestra board

The businesswoman has a long history with the orchestra, and even funded its trip to Cuba.

Minnesota's divorced dads' group celebrates growth

The word of the week: Aggrupation

Uber driver asks for unique tip: A slice of riders' 'wisdom'

Passengers are handed a journal and asked to write something that's meaningful to them.

Prince's family announces after-parties tied to Xcel tribute concert


Three night-time Minneapolis parties will feature a DJ, G Sharp on vocals and guests including Andre Cymone and Judith Hill.

Twin Cities radio station's 'scoop' on Pitt-Jolie split goes viral

107.1 FM makes international news by reporting celebrity gossip from an unnamed source. But did the incident really happen?

'Ragtime' gives heart to a powerful American parable

Review: The old story turns on current issues like wealth, racial division and immigration.

Hax: Grandma is grumpy in shared household

Ask Amy: Daughter wants to shut down parental insults

A half-billion people will have their eyes on Minnesota as Ryder Cup tees off

This weekend's Ryder Cup will be the year's most-watched sports event in the U.S.

In new memoir, Springsteen recalls dancing with Courteney Cox in St. Paul

He thought Courteney Cox was just a fan in the audience chosen for the video of "Dancing in the Dark."

Minnesota's divorced dads' group celebrates growth
Gail Rosenblum

When Bruce Smith faced divorce in 2006, he didn't know where to turn. Like many men, he found it difficult to admit that he needed…

US probing possible worker abuse by Wells Fargo

The U.S. Labor Department is investigating possible abuses of employees by Wells Fargo in connection with the bank's alleged efforts to open millions of unauthorized accounts to meet sales goals.

TV picks for Sept. 28: 'Big Brother,' 'Criminal Minds,' 'Code Black'

Not-so-smooth criminal It’s impossible to match the grim drama depicted on “Criminal Minds,” but producers seem to be making their best effort. They fired…

Nick Jonas & Co. behave like animals in frat drama 'Goat'

Movie review: The horrors of fraternity hazing resonate in "Goat."

How the Oxford English Dictionary decides which words to add

Why words like "squee," "moobs" and "YOLO" end up in the dictionary.

How chronic fatigue syndrome resembles hibernation

Study may be "game-changer" in treating debilitating condition.

What Marvel's canceling of 'Nighthawk' means for superheroes of color

What do we want from comic books’ superheroes of color? That’s a question I asked myself after Marvel canceled “Nighthawk,” a dark and gritty Chicago-based…

Review: 'All That Man Is,' by David Szalay

FICTION: Man Booker Prize-shortlisted tales focus on European contemporary life.

TV picks for Sept. 27: 'Drunk History,' 'Aftermath,' 'Frontline'

The grown-up perspectiveIt's easy to get distracted by all the bells and whistles drowning out policy talk in this political season, but if anyone can…

A replacement for children? Millennials are picking pets over people

They're also buying custom beds, strollers and costumes for their cats and dogs.

Liquid Music launches its new season with "Sorrow," Minnesota Orchestra plays Paulus

What did Mozart's piano sound like?It's interesting to think that neither Beethoven nor Mozart would recognize the piano as it sounds today. That's because the…

Hax: Who stays where is bothering her

Dear Carolyn: My boyfriend and I were doing long-distance for a while, and a few months ago he moved to D.C. We live 20 to…

TV picks for Sept. 26: 'Transparent,' presidental debate, 'Seth Meyers'

Hey, now!There may not seem to be much in common between Hank Kingsley and Maura Pfefferman, the best-known roles in Jeffrey Tambor's canon, but the…

James Lileks: Putting the cart before the kid

Target introduced tiny shopping carts for tots, then realized that everyone over 3 feet tall hated them, and the carts were removed. Good. Now let's…

Minnesota's Waiting Child: Marcus, 16, makes friends and works hard

Marcus, 16, is a sociable, chatty kid who makes friends everywhere he goes. He is all about mechanics and "fixing stuff." If anything breaks around…

Why 'Howards End' endures

It's as relevant today as it was 24 years ago.

The Monday Briefing: Here come the ghosts

PICK OF THE WEEK: With Halloween approaching, things at the Heights Theater are getting spooky. Starting this week and continuing through the end…

Sheriff confirms Pitt plane was at Minn. airport but doesn't address 'out-of-control' incident

The plane's landing at the international airport in International Falls was confirmed by the Koochiching County Sheriff's Office.

'Solo' dances impressive, but don't always connect with audience

Some pieces were better than others at connecting with the audience.

Rosenblum: For twins, picking a college can be doubly complex

Tight-knit siblings face big decision: Stay together, or go to separate schools?

Indoors & Out: Earth-friendly dwellings, Home & Design Show and more

Earth-friendly dwellings The Sustainable Home Tour, formerly known as the Solar Tour, features 33 energy-efficient, renewably powered homes and businesses across the state. The free…