Of course you've been hacked. Now buy some horse tranquilizers.

From locked up to legend: New movie tells story of Mpls. transgender advocate

CeCe McDonald still lives in the south Minneapolis neighborhood where she was attacked outside a bar in 2011 and killed a man with fabric scissors from her fashion studies. She spent 19 months in prison and 13 months on parole.

Imprisoned for fatally stabbing a man, a Minneapolis transgender advocate is the subject of the new documentary "Free CeCe!"

What should Prince's estate do to keep his music alive?

Prince in concert at the St. Paul Civic Center, December 1984.

The tribute concert is over, and the museum is open. Here's how Prince's family should handle other posthumous projects.

Race issues taking center stage at Twin Cities theaters

Find yourself where the fun is.

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Survivalist's former fortress turned into Italian-inspired country house

This 5,000-square-foot house in Independence comes with 64 acres of wooded land, a tunnel to the barn — and a fireman's pole. You can have it for $1.495 million.

Colson Whitehead on new novel: 'It's not just about slavery; it's about oppression'

Novelist Colson Whitehead aims to change our heads with "The Underground Railroad."

A white-knuckle climb up Yosemite's Half Dome

A brother's encouragement helps carry a teen through the scariest part of a 14-hour climb.

Hungry? Here's what's new in dining at the Mall of America

National chains like Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville, Panera Bread and Naf Naf Grill will soon be opening at the Mall of America in Bloomington. But what has our restaurant critic excited is the upcoming Cookies & Cream by Rustica, which combines two favorite treats.

Are these the last little homes in Linden Hills?

Longtime owners of modest houses in red-hot neighborhoods watch their community change around them.

A tourist's take on the greening of Vienna

The Austrian capital is cosmopolitan, modern and whimsical, just like its evolving green scene.

It's time for Minnesota to stake its claim in the mega-Ferris wheel wars

The London Eye is illuminated in the colors of the French flag in tribute to the attacks in Nice, in London, Friday, July 15, 2016.

With everyone else getting giant Ferris wheels, we need a Minnesota version.

You can be kept out of Canada for this?

Even misdemeanors can keep you from enjoying the Canadian coasts, including seeing the Cape d'Or Lighthouse in Nova Scotia.

Anyone traveling to Canada should know that your past can follow you to the border — and keep you from crossing it.

Heel strike or toe strike: What's the best form for running?

Both methods have advantages and drawbacks.

Best classical concerts of the week: Bach Society explores Lutheran music, St. Paul Chamber Orchestra premieres new work

TV picks for Oct. 24: 'Man With a Plan,' 'Food: Fact or Fiction?' 'Melody 1963'

Hax: Give relationship a good, hard look

Grieving Sheila E promises '99.9 percent' Prince songs at Orchestra Hall tribute

From a tattoo to a tribute concert Sunday in Minneapolis, the drummer is saluting her friend and ex-fiance.

Of course you've been hacked. Now buy some horse tranquilizers.
James Lileks

Somewhere in the latest WikiLeaks e-mail dump there's probably something about our family.A real bombshell: On Aug. 27, we ordered paper plates with a tennis…

Birds left out of Presidential candidate debates

Important to birds, important to us

St. Paul & the Broken Bones frontman talks new album, Prince, First Avenue

Broken Bones singer Paul Janeway talks sophomore slump and Prince ahead of two-night First Ave stand.

Home plan: Neo-prairie style brings the outdoors in

The quirky pivot front door welcomes guests to this warm, contemporary-style home. With wide overhangs and shaded bands of glass, it boasts an open C-shaped…

Renter with disability needs working elevator

Q: My 30-year-old son is a paraplegic and rents a third-floor studio apartment in Burnsville. Five days ago, while he was in his apartment, the…

10 common decorating mistakes — and how to avoid them

Designers share their pet peeves — and how to avoid them.

Home interiors help, holiday shopping event, menswear fabrics for fall

Home interiors helpIf you're planning to redo a room or are hunting for furniture, here's an opportunity to show your photos, fabric samples, Pinterest boards…

Best-looking libraries in Hennepin County

When it comes to innovative (and crowd-pleasing) architecture, Hennepin County is developing a sterling track record. Here are four of the best: Maple Grove Library…

C.J.: Soledad O'Brien brings "PowHERful" summit to St. Kate's

Emmy-winning journalist Soledad O’Brien’s “PowHERful” conference for young women is rolling into St. Paul. The PowHERful Twin Cities Summit is Oct. 29 at St.…

US stocks close mostly lower; eke out gain for the week

The major U.S. stock indexes closed mostly lower Friday, capping a day spent wavering between small gains and losses. Phone companies were the biggest drag…

Choreographer explores the human body's inherent beauty with understated show at Walker Art Center

REVIEW: Choreographer Pavel Zuštiak asserts the human body's inherent beauty with an understated show at the Walker.

Minneapolis artist challenges Native American stereotypes with multimedia show 'Skin(s)'

With a new work that includes a dance piece and art exhibition, Minneapolis artist and choreographer Rosy Simas highlights the diversity of urban Natives.

What to call your 'girlfriend' when you're of AARP age?

"Significant other" and/or "partner" sound weird. Is there something more age-appropriate?

NBC's 'This Is Us' is the surprise breakout hit of the fall TV season

Multilayered NBC family drama airs after "The Voice."

Brooklyn Park finally gets a landmark library

With its gorgeous new library, Brooklyn Park has the civic landmark that it has long deserved.

How some St. Paul college students are learning to connect without cellphones

"Conversation stations" and other exercises help first-year Concordia University students reflect on technology.

Viral video shows Nicki Minaj going full fangirl on Lauryn Hill

Nicki Minaj bows to no one. The rapper has made a name for herself by out-rapping her male counterparts on any song she’s featured. And…

Bob Dylan removes mention of Nobel Prize from his website

Dylan has not made any public mention of the Nobel in Literature award, and now even a brief note that had appeared on his website has been deleted.

Garage art gallery! Check out Sadie Halie in south Mpls. Saturday night

Human ResourcesSix years ago, it was apartment galleries. If you wanted an art space on the cheap, you purged your living room of furniture, mounted…

News of the Weird: Extreme bird-watching

John Weigel and Olaf Danielson are engaged in a frenzied battle of "extreme bird-watching," each hoping to close out 2016 as the new North American…

Yes, you will pack on holiday pounds

This is probably the least you'll weigh all year. Sorry, but it goes up from here.

TV picks for Oct. 22-23: 'Weiner,' 'Rats,' 'Dream Corp, LLC'

Nothing to hideLogic would dictate that Anthony Weiner keep the cameras at arm's length in the wake of a high-profile scandal, but logic has never…