Plaques, cornerstones and friezes: Twin Cities buildings tell stories cast in concrete

The Architects & Engineers Building still bears the names of several great architects and engineers.

Inscriptions, plaques and completion dates carved in stone connected buildings to their time, place and purpose.

Get ready for a slew of mouth-watering Twin Cities restaurant debuts

Chef/owner Alex Roberts is reinventing and expanding his Restaurant Alma property in Minneapolis.

Casual cafes, high-end eateries, Dunkin' Donuts and many, many more are set to open in the Twin Cities in the next three months.

With 'Mass' concert, Minnesota Orchestra pays touching tribute to Stephen Paulus

Minnesota Orchestra honored the late Minnesota composer Stephen Paulus with its concert this week.

The Minnesota Orchestra honored the late composer with its first performance of his "Mass for a Sacred Place."

Largest U.S. exhibition of Cuban art in 70 years coming to Walker

Arriving November 2017, "Adiós Utopia" boasts more than 100 works by dozens of artists — offering a complex portrait of life on the island since 1950.

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Cirque du Soleil's 'Toruk' fails to take flight at Target Center

Performers from Cirque du Soleil's "Toruk."

REVIEW: Cirque du Soleil's retelling of "Avatar" lands like a dud at Target Center. There's a lot of eye candy, but ultimately the production fails to soar.

Children's Theatre's epic 'Last Firefly' literally was born in the playwright's belly

When playwright Naomi Iizuka was pregnant, she spoke constantly to the boy kicking and growing inside her, telling him stories that drew on her Japanese and Latina heritage. A decade later, she has shaped some of those tales into an 80-minute epic.

KFAN host, singer Chris Hawkey among 20 who contracted Legionnaire's

Ailment knocked Chris Hawkey off the job for nearly a week.

Bon Iver re-emerges with an album that feels like an awkward embrace

In the five years between his last album and this one — his slipperiest and least tactile effort — Justin Vernon has remade his own mythology.

News of the Weird: Baker tries to work out the bugs

Sound Advice: Dealing with variables makes comparing video streaming tricky

Samsung 4K Blu-ray player

In 'A Man Called Ove,' gruff Swede sets gold standard in curmudgery

REVIEW: The Swedish film infuses the story of a lonely codger with freewheeling comic verve and quirky wisdom.

They're cowboys – and they're straight outta Compton

They still ride proud in city known for gangs and violence.

Iceland's Sigur Ros delivers trippy, grand illusion at sold-out Orpheum

The two-hour concert was mesmerizing visually and musically.

Twin Cities Film Fest (please, don't call it "Festival") announces a big, bold schedule

Approaching its seventh season, the Twin Cities Film Fest (TCFF) has grown into a pretty solid local cultural shindig.

Ask Amy: Shocking STD disclosure places partner at risk

Hax: Daughter's live-in rankles this parent

NBC axes 'Mail Order Family' comedy after backlash over stereotypes, sex trafficking

Red-breasted Nuthatches, Pine Siskins, and redpolls

They are likely feeder visitors here this winter.

C.J.: Nekima Levy-Pounds' eye-opening take on so-called 'black-on-black crime'

The video from this Nekima Levy-Pounds interview contains sounds and facial expressions not normally seen when the NAACP president is on local newscasts. There…

In Kauai, Hawaii, living the plantation cottage life

Homes of plantation workers now pamper visitors with ocean views, tranquil grounds and loads of charm.

Lindström lake home has simple Scandinavian style

At first, Angie and Lenny Koch planned to build a modest beach house in her hometown of Lindström, Minn., and eventually sell it. "Then we got emotionally invested and decided to build it for us," Angie said, "and do it right." It's the AIA Minnesota Home of the Month.

Rediscovering 'Monster of Piedras Blancas' and other movie beasts on video

With Halloween just weeks away, a spate of monster movies has invaded home video lately. A welcome surprise is the Blu-ray/DVD debut of 1959's "The Monster of Piedras Blancas."

What's your old house trying to tell you? St. Paul homeowners share their tips

Homeowners who relied on research to preserve the legacy of their St. Paul home are sharing what they learned.

Wine of the Week: Cune Rioja Crianza

Cune Rioja Crianza “Fresh” and “clean” are terms usually associated with white wines. But they absolutely, positively apply to the 2012 Cune Rioja Crianza…

TV picks for Oct. 2-6: 'Crisis in Six Scenes,' 'Best of Enemies,' 'Conviction'

Knock on Woody Start the revolution without him. In “Crisis in Six Scenes,” Woody Allen’s first genuine crack at a TV series, the writer/director…

Kids and codeine cough meds are a bad combination

Come children receive no benefit, while others are at risk for overdose despite taking the recommended amount.

Best of the week: Renee Fleming, 'Ragtime,' Twin Cities Black Film Festival, Marin Hill, more

Cherchez la Fleming Is Renée Fleming the greatest living American singer? She is known for her combination of vocal allure, versatility, energy and glamour. Fleming’s…

C.J.: Nekima Levy-Pounds' eye-opening take on so-called 'black-on-black crime'

The video from this Nekima Levy-Pounds interview contains sounds and facial expressions not normally seen when the NAACP president is on local newscasts. There…

Why 2016 is the year of the horror flick

Screamfests capture viewers' imagination by going back to basics and using acclaimed actors.

Ask Amy: Husband gives wife the smartphone pause

Dear Amy: My husband and I have been married for four years. Lately, I’ve noticed that I’ll enter a room and remark about something…

TV picks for Oct. 1-2: Margot Robbie on 'SNL,' 'Nashville,' 'Ash vs. Evil Dead'

Changing the dial Don’t turn off the lights on “Nashville” just yet. The once popular ABC soap you can dance to has moved to…

Runners' world

With the Medtronic Twin Cities’ Marathon next weekend, we asked readers what running meant to them. For some it was kinship, for others it was…

Moose statues and melancholy: Swedish filmmaker feels at home in Minnesota

In Minnesota, "A Man Called Ove" director Hannes Holm found pine trees, lakes and guys named Sven.

New Minnesota Opera boss pledges 'Zen' leadership after years of tumult

The first time Ryan Taylor walked into Minnesota Opera he was an aspiring baritone. Now he's the boss.

'Too Marvelous for Words': St. Paul man sings Sinatra while chauffering seniors

"Going to see a doctor or dentist isn't always the most pleasant experience. The music puts them at ease."

James Lileks: Are you ready for the Satan weed?

We're being invaded by a nasty strain of super weeds.

Donors help disadvantaged Minnesota scholars adjust to college life

Wallin Education Partners is a college-completion program with a twist. Donors and scholars are encouraged to establish close ties, and most do.

12 days of 'Star Wars'

This holiday season, "Star Wars" is the gift that keeps on giving. Leading up to the Dec. 18 release of "The Force Awakens," we’ll give you a new "Star Wars"-related story every day.

Review: 'The Lesser Bohemians,' by Eimear McBride

FICTION: A spellbinding second novel about a woman's turbulent relationship with an older man in 1990s London.