Bride goes to Wild game, eats burger, wins hockey hearts

Wild fans eat it up when groom dabs burger drippings from her chin – and it's caught on video.

Owner of Varsity, Loring Pasta accused in CTC sex abuse suit

Jason McLean, along with the Children's Theatre Company and co-founder John Clark Donahue, is named in a civil case that revisits the theater's 1980s sex scandal.

Arts' economic impact greater in Minnesota than its neighbors


New studies have quantified the arts' financial impact on communities ranging from Minneapolis and St. Paul to Pine City.

Age 64, albatross returns to nest again


And rescue of kiskadee is discouraged

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'The Bathrooms Are Coming!' and other corporate film oddities hit the Heights

In a bygone era, elaborate musicals were created for company pep rallies.

Dixie Chicks add a second State Fair show

The first show sold out; tickets for the new date go on sale Dec. 11.

Here's the straight poop on birds

Everything you always wanted to know about birds, and weren't afraid to ask Google.

Quitting Facebook makes you happier, study says

Other studies have shown a link between Facebook and symptoms of depression.

Radical Recess series brings dance to downtown Minneapolis

Radical Recess Thursday: It’s a dance happy hour in downtown Minneapolis as Hennepin Theatre Trust launches this series featuring some of the Twin Cities’ top…

YouTube star’s murder prank goes viral, outrages fans

YouTube star Sam Pepper is on the hot seat after playing a prank in which his victim is led to believe his best friend is kidnapped and killed right in front of him.

Magazine's new feminism gains a national look

A trio of women in Minneapolis started a magazine in long-form journalism, an arena where female writers are often left out.

Being HIV-positive is no longer considered a death sentence

People with HIV are living longer thanks to medical advances, but many still face a public stigma.

Rosenblum: Restore former prisoners' vote and restore dignity

Gina Evans, community outreach director for Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge, has a "pretty long history of low-level criminal activity," beginning at 16, including check…

Andrea Bocelli to sing at Target Center in June

The Italian tenor will perform with members of the Minnesota Orchestra.

Hax: New guy balks at exclusivity clause

Dear Carolyn: I have been seeing a guy who seems perfect for me. Maybe. He’s a bit different from men I’ve dated in the past,…

Ask Amy: Holiday guest receives ashes for dinner

Dear Amy: My partner “Mike” and I have been in a relationship/cohabiting for many years. We go to his mother “Peg’s” house for holiday…

Children's Theatre response to lawsuit

Children's Theatre Company posted this "open letter" Tuesday, following the announcement of a sexual abuse suit:

How do you like your 'Nutcracker'? 10 Twin Cities alternatives, from sugary to salty

The Twin Cities area has "Nutcrackers" galore. From family-friendly to risqué, and traditional to radical, we've got a "Nutcracker" for you.

Minneapolis musician Renee Austin happy to sing the blues again

Thyroid surgery cost blues-soul singer Renee Austin her voice in 2005 — but it's back, and so is she, with a gig at the Dakota.