Wedge and Linden Hills co-ops to merge; Eastside says no

The Wedge Co-Op in Minneapolis.

The two south Minneapolis natural foods co-ops have been around since the mid-1970s and have a combined 25,000 members. The vote in favor of consolidating operations was 80 percent.

Watch Ellen DeGeneres get Halloween costume ideas from Minn. 2nd graders

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

The talk show host got some laugh-out-loud suggestions on what to wear for Halloween from little Minnesotans on this week's "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

Tom Hanks' new 'Da Vinci Code' movie lacks any hint of a spark

Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones appear in a scene from "Inferno."

The third "Da Vinci Code" installment is truly abysmal.

Starting with Prince, First Ave photographer showed rise of Cities music scene

Daniel Corrigan highlights 35 years of Minnesota music in his new book "Heyday."

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Now serving at the Turf Club: music from the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra

The St. Paul Chamber Orchestra in concert in Stillwater in 2011.

SPCO reaches a new lowbrow high with its series to reach younger audiences.

Uber actor James Craven transports people, onstage and in his car

"As actors, we're in the business of transporting people," says the star of "Jitney," who spends his days ferrying passengers.

Alt-twang 'It Girl' Margo Price's hurtin' songs that feel so good at Turf Club

Review: The Midwest farm girl was the year's hottest club ticket in local alt-country/Americana circles.

Viral photo of shiny legs is the latest optical illusion dividing the internet

Social media users are losing their minds over an image of some really glossy legs.

Moccasins! Red Wings! Clogs! A guide to Minnesota's best shoe brands

Looking to buy local? These Minnesota shoe companies deliver rugged good looks and sturdy construction.

News of the Weird: Guns are fine, but java needs special permit

Connecting TV to stereo sounds like a great idea

Unintended consequence of legal pot: Stoned pets

Tasty "edibles" such as muffins and cookies are also appealing to animals, who can't read warning labels.

Minn. artists take aim at election with crafty lawn signs

Artists Preston Drum and Russ White created the installation, "This Lawn Is My Lawn," to lampoon this year's election.

That set designer in the Microsoft TV ad? He's working on new Guthrie show

Beowulf Boritt is in heavy rotation on TV and in demand in the theater.

Ask Amy: High-drama roommate impacts friendships

Hax: Groom's parents snub gay friend

Why losing at sports can be good for kids

Camaraderie and teamwork can still flourish.

Burger Friday: Velveeta (!) makes the Mercury cheeseburger great
Table Talk

The new Mercury Dining Room and Rail opened this week in downtown Minneapolis, with a whopper of a two-patty cheeseburger. Popovers, too.

Connecting TV to stereo sounds like a great idea
Don Lindich

Q: I recently got a used JVC EM39FT flat-screen TV that I use with a Comcast DVR box via HDMI. I have a vintage stereo…

Are consumer rating surveys driving you nuts? You're not alone — survey fatigue is scoring a 10

"How are we doing? Could you fill out this survey? On a 1-to-10 scale? Unless, um, we're not a 10."

TV picks for Oct. 29-30: 'Good Girls Revolt,' 'How We Fight,' 'Before the Flood'

I’m every woman The late Nora Ephron would have gotten a kick out of “Good Girls Revolt,” and not just because she’s portrayed with…

Teen Idol and Minnesota Nice: Critic Jon Bream on 35 years of covering Bobby Vee

Rock stars have big attitudes, bad habits and broken marriages. Not so with Bobby Vee.

Why the singing sisters of the Staves moved from London to Minneapolis

A harmonious indie-folk trio from England that already had a good following in the Twin Cities, the Staves also now have homes here.

Choreographers ask: Why the dearth of hip-hop dance on Twin Cities stages?

Hip-hop dance is proving popular with local audiences. So why aren't there more shows on Twin Cities stages?

Students and alumni turn out for Gopher Homecoming

Gopher Homecoming is a century-old tradition that brings together University of Minnesota students and alumni.

Make chef Marcus Samuelsson an honorary Minnesotan

Marcus Samuelsson, who paved the way for modern restaurant food here, is headed back to town.

'Big Bang Theory' star Mayim Bialik to speak in St. Paul

The four-time Emmy nominee will talk about faith and fame at a fundraiser for Temple of Aaron, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary in St. Paul's Highland Park.

Best classical concerts of the week: SPCO at the Turf Club, Schubert's sublime String Quintet

America's most musical president?Imagine a presidential candidate versed in mathematics, architecture, horticulture, religious studies, linguistics and philosophy. We had one — Thomas Jefferson, who in…

San Marino's mountaintop beauty

Far above the Italian countryside, the Republic of San Marino conveys a curious charm.

Reader photos: A close call with fall

You might be dreading the season that comes after it — and long for the season before it — but there’s no doubt that when…

From costumes to carving pumpkins, readers give a Halloween scare

Halloween generally divides people into two camps: Those who take the occasion very seriously, by planning their costumes weeks in advance and carefully carving pumpkins,…

Home video review: 'Star Trek' goes one step 'Beyond'

“Star Trek Beyond” goes way too “fast and furious” with hot-rod director Justin Lin at the Enterprise helm. He revs up a disjointed tale of…

What was your best book gift? What books do you give as presents?

What’s the best book you ever received as a gift? What made it so special? And what book do you always give, and why? Please…

Review: 'The Lost Boy,' by Camilla Läckberg, translated from the Swedish by Tiina Nunnally

FICTION: A detective investigates a baffling murder in a Swedish resort town in a new mystery by Camilla Läckberg.

Review: 'American Revolutions: A Continental History,' by Alan Taylor

NONFICTION: A breathtaking new look at "multiple and clashing visions of revolution."

Review: 'A Gambler's Anatomy,' by Jonathan Lethem

FICTION: A wild, uproarious novel about an international backgammon player enduring a long losing streak.

Review: 'Swimming in the Sink: An Episode of the Heart,' by Lynne Cox

NONFICTION: An accomplished open-water swimmer trains to overcome the biggest challenge of her life — on land.

Bookmark: Scary books to read for Halloween

I don’t like being scared. The older I get, the more susceptible I am to “ghoulies and ghosties/And long-leggedy beasties/And things that go bump in…

Review: 'Faithful,' by Alice Hoffman

FICTION: A young woman struggles to move beyond a tragic accident in Alice Hoffman's deeply moving novel.