Journey to roll with the Doobie Brothers Aug. 9 at Xcel Center


The San Francisco oldies rockers are joining forces for a summer tour with Dave Mason.

Minneapolis author John Coy recounts basketball's racially integrated Secret Game

Minneapolis author John Coy tells the remarkable story of one of basketball's first integrated games.

Spooky music: Stephen King goes to the opera


The Minnesota Opera workshopped a new musical version of King's scariest story last weekend.

"Fargo" showed Fargo - and got it wrong

Lileks @ Lunch


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Review: Pixar's latest, 'The Good Dinosaur,' is a kid-pleaser

REVIEW: “The Good Dinosaur” isn't top-tier Pixar, but it still packs an emotional punch.

Video game review: 'Star Wars' geekdom goes into hyperdrive in 'Battlefront'

Sometimes in “Star Wars: Battlefront” ($60 for PS4, Xbox One, PC; rated Teen), you just have to stop all the fighting and stare like a slack-jawed fanboy at what's happening around you.

Did you catch subtle 'Peace for Paris' tribute on Sunday's 'Simpsons' episode?

“The Simpsons” sent a message for peace in Paris on Sunday’s episode, but it was so subtle, viewers may have blinked and missed it.

Rosenblum: Calling in sick? Here are tips to sound legit

Thinking about calling in sick? Prepare for the cold shoulder from work colleagues.

Boston College rep slams his portrayal in 'Spotlight' as 'fabricated'

“Spotlight” has received an overwhelming amount of critical praise for its depiction of the Boston Globe’s uncovering of sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Church — but one real-life figure in the scandal said the film induced him to vomit.

Twin Cities area kids show how they're making our world better

Essays by Twin Cities area elementary school students reveal all the many things they’re doing to make a difference.

Review: Even two Tom Hardys can't make 'Legend' memorable

REVIEW: “Legend,” directed by Brian Helgeland, never fully connects the personal side of the crime kingpin Kray brothers to their criminal myth.

Minneapolis rap trio Mixed Blood Majority enters 'Foxes Den' ahead of Dec. 4 album release

The second album by Crescent Moon, Joe Horton and Lazerbeak arrives next week ahead of the Dec. 11 release party at First Ave.

FX renewing critically acclaimed 'Fargo' for a third season

FX renews critically acclaimed, Minnesota-based series

Hax: Christmas seen through a smoky haze

Dear Carolyn: I do not smoke nor does my husband. His family smokes. His grandma holds Christmas Eve at her house and his whole family…

Ask Amy: Boomer parents wonder why they are ignored

Dear Amy: During our 20s, 30s and 40s, my wife and I traveled to see our parents, who were in their 50s, 60s and…

Guthrie Theater's 'The Cocoanuts' is a hard nut to crack

REVIEW: This take on the Marx Brothers huffs and puffs far too much for its laughs.

Minnesotans share moments of gratitude for Thanksgiving + Photo Gallery

Thanksgiving isn’t a Norman Rockwell painting for everyone, but that’s what makes it the most American of holidays. These are the moments of Thanksgiving.

'That Wonder Boy,' created by Twin Cities performer, wins 3 NY theater awards

The piece, written by Twin Cities performer Bob Stromberg, was named “Best One-Man Show”

For comedians, comedy after tragedy is tricky territory

Robert Baril wasn’t sure he was ready for war. For his debut this past weekend as a featured comedian at a Wisconsin club, he had…