Whoopi, falling ratings, 'Live' — how did ABC get into its morning mess?

ABC is waking up to a morning mess, with ratings down for "Good Morning America," Whoopi Goldberg possibly leaving "The View" and personnel issues at "Live."

Warner Bros. plans vinyl reissues of Prince's 1985-1992 albums


Nine of his post-"Purple Rain" albums will be released between June 21 and December, starting with "Around the World in a Day."

Rosenblum: Minnesota stole the heart of foreign exchange student

Gail Rosenblum

As 17-year-old Malia Obama mulls how to spend her upcoming gap year before entering Harvard, it's a safe guess what 17-year-old Nariah Haer would suggest…

Wise Acre chef, general manager depart

Table Talk

Five years after opening the farm-to-table restaurant, chef Beth Fisher and general manager Caroline Glawe have moved on.

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Dinosaurs are people, too, duo are out to prove + Photo Gallery + Video

The T. rexes have sneaked through a library, tried ice skating, paid tribute to "Rocky," scrummed with roller girls, shopped for meat at a grocery store to the tune of "Stayin' Alive," and made snow angels.

5 reasons to still get excited for Paul McCartney (besides the obvious)

Paul McCartney returns to town for two Target Center shows less than two years before his last time here.

Review: An energetic cast keeps 'Faith' alive in Minneapolis Musical Theatre show

Alan Menken musical that fell flat on Broadway opens in a peppy revival.

Theater review: Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company presents "Bad Jews"

Review: "Bad Jews" closes Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company's season with sharp comedy.

Minnesota sisters' 'third-eye' sunglasses inspired by Prince are now for sale

Want a pair of specs a la Prince? Head to the W Minneapolis at the Foshay Tower.

Theater review: 'Complicated Fun' can't catch the spirit of Minneapolis music scene

History Theatre's latest is a tame pageant about the Minneapolis music scene of the 1980s.

7 charities to give to in honor of Prince's memory

Like nearly everything else in his life, Minneapolis's rock icon was private about his philanthropy. But here is firsthand knowledge about causes Prince championed.

10 movies you won't want to miss this summer

While it's unpredictable at this point whether these summer movies will hit or miss, here are 10 big releases high on the want-to-see list.

Professional and personal coaches are latest status symbol

Specialized coaches offer to improve almost every aspect of our professional and personal lives.

Bachelor Farmer chef Paul Berglund wins a food-world Oscar

Paul Berglund has been named Best Chef Midwest by the James Beard Foundation, only the fourth Minnesota chef to receive the award.

Pirate radio stations are making a comeback

Inexpensive technology and cuts in government monitoring have combined to boost activity.

Classical this week: Shostakovich, 'Petrushka' and a Mothers Day celebration of female composers

The fiery Shostakovich Shostakovich wrote his Eighth Symphony as World War II was turning decisively in the Allies’ favor, and there are stories of him…

Hax: Missing old friends? Make some new ones

Dear Carolyn: When I left school, I was fortunate to move to a city with virtually all my closest friends. But, as happens, we've all…

Ask Amy: She wants husband to be more engaged with baby

Dear Amy: I've been married for five years to a wonderful, funny and very hardworking man. We have one child, who just turned 1.We…

Recipe: Turkish Hummus

Turkish HummusMakes about 3 cups.Note: This variation has become one of the most popular variations at Zahav, an Israeli restaurant in Philadelphia. From "Zahav," by…