What's a Grammy worth? Minnesota winners sound off on music's biggest award

For Minnesota winners, the award can bring prestige and exposure – or nothing at all.

Feeling lonely? Some Minnesotans turn to snuggling with strangers

While cozying up to a stranger might sound weird and paying for it might even sound fishy, cuddle proponents say its benefits are vast.

Flicker hunts beneath tree bark


Unusual behavior for this species

Burger Friday: It's Big Mac 2.0 at Scena Tavern in Uptown

Table Talk

When chef Erik Anderson pays tribute -- and then some -- to the nation's most recognized double-patty cheeseburger, cravings ensue.

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Bill Cosby's legal team turns to a fresh face

After parting with his brash lawyer, comedian Bill Cosby turned to a Hollywood outsider.

Are Lake Minnetonka cottages now an 'endangered species'?

It's the end of an era on Lake Minnetonka, as modest vintage houses increasingly make way for bigger, grander ones. Their elimination is dramatically changing the character of the Twin Cities' largest lake. "It's the rise of the McMansions," one critic says.

Proceeds from Zach Sobiech's 'Clouds' are helping crowdfund a cure + Video

The Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund crossed the million-dollar threshold last fall, increased the U's resources for research on osteosarcoma tenfold and fueled significant breakthroughs.

A year after opening its new concert hall, St. Paul's Ordway is hitting high notes

The St. Paul venue is drawing new – and more diverse – audiences while achieving harmony behind the scenes, too.

James Lileks: Just when you think you've beaten winter ...

I think we're close. I think it could happen at any moment. It won't be pretty. Do you sense it? Can you feel it in…

On Delta, more fares to choose from, but not in a good way

Delta Air Lines now is offering four levels of ticket fare: basic economy, main cabin, comfort-plus and first class. What gives?

AC/DC, and more songs that wouldn't make it on Cupid's playlist

Unless you're an AC/DC fan, here are some sexist tunes to avoid on Valentine's Day.

Martin Scorsese, Mick Jagger share the mic for HBO's 'Vinyl'

Martin Scorsese has never rocked out as hard as he has for "Vinyl," a new series about a label executive's inner war between a love for power and his love for soul music.

Rosenblum: In Minnesota, the push for more psychiatrists gets creative

Danielle Goerke has heard the well-meaning joke many times. At least you have job security! Goerke is ready with her standard response. “I would…

How a panda schooled in martial arts beat up the Coen brothers at box office

Despite a star-heavy cast, "Hail, Caesar!" lost its opening weekend to a kiddie movie.

Ask Amy: Friends, lovers and lots of drama

Dear Readers: I have stepped away from my daily column for two weeks to finish writing my next book, which is due to be…

Hax: Here's an uninviting wedding prospect

Dear Carolyn: I'm getting married in July and need help reaching out to a relative who won't be invited. It's my aunt's soon-to-be-ex-husband. Over the…

Scandinavian design: Lean, clean beauty

Kivik. Hemnes. Ektorp. Even if you aren’t sure what these funny-sounding words mean, they might be familiar to you. That’s because they’re the names of…

Experimental sunken greenhouse in Mpls. weathers first winter – and it's growing food

Gardeners are optimistic that a sunken greenhouse will become a prototype for how to grow food in harsh climates.

Hax: How to explain a househusband

Dear Carolyn: I married my high school sweetheart when I was 19. We were both mature for our ages, so we made a plan to…