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There aren't a whole lot of nice things you can say about a game between two teams that are a combined 1-10, but we'll say this: there could be much worse matchups between teams with that combined record.

Faint praise, but still ...

We're curious about Josh Freeman. We're curious to see if the Giants are really this bad. We're curious to see if Eli Manning throws for 600 yards. We're curious to see if Adrian Peterson runs for 250 yards.

You could pretty much name any point total right now between 0-60 for either team as a final, and we would not be surprised. We can't remember a game in which we had this little feel for what could happen.

Vikings. Giants. It's going to be weird!

If you're in the area of Legends in Minneapolis, feel free to stop on by. We'll be there watching -- just a little impromptu gathering. Make a new Internet friend. Have a beer or some food. Watch some weird football. Why not?