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Lots of dog and cat breeds have a history that seemingly stretches back into the mists of time. They adorned Renaissance royal courts, hunted with King Arthur, or were the favored pets of Chinese emperors. But some breeds have a more recent origin. They were developed in the United States or have associations with certain American places or people. Take our quiz to see how much you know about pets that can claim to be among the country’s founding animals.

1. Name the states with which the following breeds are associated.

A. Catahoula leopard dog

B. Boykin spaniel

C. Plott hound

D. Chinook

2. Which of the following groups of dogs cannot claim to be born in the U.S.A.?

A. American Eskimo, Australian shepherd, Boston terrier, Carolina dog.

B. Cocker spaniel, Chihuahua, Labrador retriever, curly coated retriever.

C. American pit bull terrier, Boston terrier, black and tan coonhound, American foxhound.

D. Alaskan malamute, black mouth cur, blue lacy, treeing walker.

3. The American water spaniel was developed in which state?

A. Minnesota

B. Okahoma

C. South Carolina

D. Wisconsin

4. The blue lacy, also known as the lacy dog, is native to which one of the following states?

A. Arkansas

B. Texas

C. Louisiana

D. Florida

5. Popular early American farm dogs included which breed?

A. American pit bull terrier

B. English shepherd

C. Rat terrier

D. All of the above

6. What is the state cat of Maryland?

A. Baltimore tabby

B. Calico

C. Chessie

D. Maryland mouser

7. What is the state cat of Massachusetts?

A. Boston bobtail

B. American shorthair

C. Tabby cat

D. Patriot mewsile

8. In which state did the American wirehair cat originate?

A. New York

B. Montana

C. Wyoming

D. Colorado

9. The Hemingway cats of Key West, Fla., named after the American author, are known for which unusual quality?

A. Short tails

B. Curly coats

C. Extra toes

D. Enjoying swimming in the ocean

10. Which of the following cat breeds did not originate in the United States?

A. Selkirk rex

B. Ragdoll

C. Havana brown

D. La perm


1. A. The Catahoula is the state dog of Louisiana; the Boykin of South Carolina; the Plott hound of North Carolina; and the Chinook of New Hampshire.

2. B. The original cocker spaniel was developed in Britain, although a distinct American variety was recognized in 1946. The Labrador and curly coat were developed in Britain. The Chihuahua is native to Mexico.

3. D. Wisconsin, where the curly coated breed was developed to hunt from boats.

4. B. Texas, where it is a herding, tracking and hunting dog.

5. D. All of these breeds were prized by American farmers for versatility and friendliness.

6. B. Maryland named the calico (a pattern, not a breed) its state cat because orange, black and white are the colors in the Baltimore oriole and the Baltimore checkerspot butterfly.

7. C. Tabbies aren’t a specific breed, but their stripes often form the shape of an M on the cat’s forehead.

8. A. The American wirehair was developed from a cat with a natural mutation first seen in upstate New York.

9. C. The Hemingway cats of Key West are famous for having extra toes.

10. C. The Havana brown, an offshoot of the Siamese, was developed in the United Kingdom.