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New Timberwolves forward Taj Gibson on Monday explained last week’s arrest in New York City for driving with a suspended Illinois license: He attributed it to an unpaid $200 window-tinting ticket of which he was unaware.

“Oh man, it was one of those situation that I thought never would happen to me,” he said. “I’m a stand-up guy. I do everything the right way, a community kind of guy. It was just one of those things where a window-tinting ticket just didn’t get paid on time. One or two steps to the DMV and my license was renewed.

“Everything works itself out. I have to take it, learn from it, just be blessed about the situation and know I’ll move forward. I was just disappointed because that’s not the kind of guy I am. I do everything the right way and that has been my stamp for many years. I understand that in my neighborhood, kids look up to me, people in my area look up to me. I was just really disappointed.”

He was stopped just before 3 a.m. Thursday in Queens for making an illegal U-turn in his 2016 Mercedes-Benz sedan. A computer check by police revealed the suspended license. He was released about 90 minutes later and ordered to appear in court on Sept. 1.