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Steve Alexander follows consumer and business technology trends, and writes a weekly question and answer column for consumers.

Alexander: What to do if you're stuck in a photo viewer bubble

A Microsoft technical change has had an unintended effect.

Alexander: A drastic way to filter out more spam

You can block more unwanted mail with a drastic type of e-mail filtering available in the free Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail program.

Alexander: Fixing non-secure internet connections

Q: We have two phones and two tablet computers using our home Wi-Fi network. Lately all the devices have been getting a "your connection is…

Alexander: Dealing with fancy 'HTML' e-mail

It's a little more complicated to transfer HTML mail content to Word than it is to move ordinary e-mail content.

Alexander: How an online bank knows who you are

Why don't financial institutions rely on IP addresses to identify their customers? Because providers usually change them.

Alexander: How to replace online passwords

To untangle your accounts, pay attention to the order that you do things.

Alexander: Why you should trade in an old e-mail system

IMAP (internet Message Access Protocol) e-mail provides a better solution because no single device is the "boss."

Alexander: How to fix problems with e-mail settings

If you prefer to have a POP mail account, you'll have to set it up manually in Outlook.

Alexander: Telling a PC not to ask for a password

It was set up not to require a PIN or password.

Alexander: What to do when a home Wi-Fi extender falls short

We installed a Netgear Wi-Fi range extender in our two-story home. At first, it worked well with my Windows 10 PC, but on the third day the laptop screen went mostly dark — I could see only the mouse arrow moving. What can I do?