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Alexander: Telling a PC not to ask for a password

It was set up not to require a PIN or password.

Alexander: What to do when a home Wi-Fi extender falls short

We installed a Netgear Wi-Fi range extender in our two-story home. At first, it worked well with my Windows 10 PC, but on the third day the laptop screen went mostly dark — I could see only the mouse arrow moving. What can I do?

Alexander: How to solve the 'error message' riddle

That one update that regularly fails to install on a Windows 7 PC is an important one.

Alexander: How to make online storage simpler

Q: My Windows 10 PC has two OneDrive online storage accounts that I’d like to combine and access with a single password. The personal account…

Alexander: Some Windows 10 warnings are wrong

The message supposedly signifies that your PC isn't syncing correctly with your online Microsoft account because of a password change, but you can get it without any change.

Alexander: How to get data from one device to another

Q: I copied some photos from my camera’s memory card to a newly created folder on my two-year-old Surface Pro tablet PC, using a USB…

Alexander: Switching cloud providers on a Mac

Q: I’ve used iCloud (Apple’s cloud storage service) on my Mac, but I find it confusing. I’d like to switch to Dropbox for cloud storage.…

Here's how antivirus software works

Because antivirus software is essential for safety, it's important to know how it operates.

Alexander: Windows 10 update creates fake drive

You can get rid of the warnings by eliminating the E drive letter from your PC.

Alexander: How to replace or erase a hard drive

Q: Microsoft told me that I need a new hard drive for my Windows 7 laptop. Should I buy a new hard drive or a…