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Steve Alexander follows consumer and business technology trends, and writes a weekly question and answer column for consumers.

Alexander: Here's how to block more junk e-mail

You can improve your filter's performance with a setting change, but you cannot stop spam.

Alexander: How to find photos in MS Word documents

The "invisible photo" problem can be caused by incorrect Word settings or by how you "view" the document in Word.

Alexander: Missing e-mail photo is still there

It probably happens because Outlook is using a corrupted "temporary internet file" that stores Web data.

Alexander: What to do if a flash drive won't copy data

Size and compatibility are concerns.

Alexander: How to make friends a 'known' texter

The problem may be caused by different kinds of texts.

Alexander: How to stream PC music to another device

Making the connection between a PC and a Blu-ray player is easier than it sounds.

Alexander: How to make e-mail better for you

The method you want to use is important.

Alexander: Browser video, Web link issues easily fixed

Where is one browser that works for everything?

Alexander: Security upgrade loses some saved e-mail

Comcast is trying to make its e-mail system more secure for customers with older POP (post office protocol) e-mail accounts.

Alexander: What to do if e-mails suddenly disappear

Q: When I opened my Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail program, I kept getting the message: “Do you want to compact all local and offline folders to…