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Sam Ponder battles Barstool Sports, with ESPN awkwardly in the middle

Is ESPN saying its OK partnering with a site that went way overboard with an attack on one of its employees as long as it doesn't happen on an ESPN show?

Watch this local college soccer team score only 6 seconds into match

There are still plenty of holdouts who believe soccer is boring. Augsburg’s Christian Metzger offers this amazing goal as a rebuttal.

Rodgers injury adds another level to Vikings-Packers rivalry

Whenever the Vikings-Packers rivalry starts to lighten up a bit, something happens to ratchet up the intensity again. That's what happened Sunday when Anthony Barr sacked Aaron Rodgers.

Remodel sneak peek: It's Target Center, but it's not Target Center

The new ticket lobby at Target Center a perfect microcosm of the entire $140 million project — and, really, the entire Timberwolves franchise.

National views: Was Barr's hit on Rodgers dirty? Are Packers finished?

In one play during the first quarter, The Packers went from Super Bowl contenders to scrambling to reassemble their season after Aaron Rodgers wasinjured.

Anthem protest sparks 'emotionally charged' scene at Forest Lake charter school

Volleyball players from Cristo Rey Jesuit of Minneapolis knelt before a match at a Forest Lake charter school Thursday. North Lakes Academy officials issued an apology after some adults yelled at the players.

Former Vikings QB Kramer back for all the right reasons

Known as "Two-Minute Tommy" during his playing days, the former Vikings quarterback needs a few more minutes than that to wind through the highs and lows of a 14-year NFL career.

Is Ron Gardenhire going to be the next manager of the Red Sox?

There are already a lot of candidate lists out there, and one consistent name near the top of them is former Twins manager Ron Gardenhire.

Interacting with gullible, sensitive Packers fans will never get old

Fans tailgate before an NFL football game between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears Thursday, Sept. 28, 2017, in Green Bay, Wis.

RandBall writes: "It’s Vikings/Packers week, which means it’s time for two fan bases that exist on stubbornly parallel planes to suddenly veer into each other and collide head-on."

Wiggins cashed in at the right time. Will the Wolves regret it?

The risk with Andrew Wiggins is this: Will he become a star who makes players around him better, or is his ceiling as a good but not terribly efficient scorer?

Is Vikings quarterback Case Keenum good? Or just good enough?

The most important Vikings quarterback is the quarterback of the moment, and that would be Case Keenum, who came to the Vikings as Sam Bradford's backup.

Remember the Vikings collapse that mirrors the US soccer disaster?

Nate Poole caught this touchdown pass on the final play of the 2003 Vikings-Arizona game to give the Cardinals the victory and knock Minnesota out of the playoffs. The Cardinals were 3-12 going into the game.

For every terrible thing that happens on a national sports level, it's a good bet you can find a Minnesota comparison. So what's the local version of the U.S. soccer collapse?

Jimmy Butler is on the cover of Sports Illustrated, with a great story to match

Jimmy Butler was on the cover of Sunday’s Star Tribune and now graces the cover of Sports Illustrated’s NBA preview issue.

Zimmer got the answers he needed by playing Sam Bradford

Short of getting the answer he wanted — that Bradford was back to his old self and ready to go for the rest of the year — Zimmer got the next best thing.

Hey, Kyle Rudolph: Around here we say, 'duck, duck, gray duck'

Minnesota Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph (82) celebrated his 13 yard touchdown reception in the third quarter with a quick game of Duck, Duck, Grey Duck in the end zone.

Much of the country calls this game “duck, duck, goose.” Those people are wrong. Unfortunately, the Vikings' tight end did not grow up here.

Wild, Wolves aren't young anymore, and that bodes well for both

This winter is a departure for both franchises — and perhaps the best indicator that both will make the postseason in the same year for just the second time.

If Trubisky's debut is like Bradford's, the Bears will be in trouble tonight

Mitchell Trubisky

In his debut at home against Arizona, Bradford threw an absurd 55 passes — a number that still stands as tied for the second-most he’s ever attempted.

Dolphins offensive line coach, formerly with Vikings, resigns over video

Chris Foerster is a longtime offensive line coach whose first NFL job came on Dennis Green’s staff with the Vikings.

The Twins need pitching, but what should they do in the offseason?

The Twins likely will have to answer some questions in their pursuit of pitching, so let’s examine a few of them here.

Don't think Twins would let go of Molitor? Remember Tubby Smith

If you think the decision to bring Paul Molitor back is a no-brainer that Twins management will make automatically after the success of 2017, you haven’t been paying attention