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Richard Pitino, Gophers working to avoid 'illusion' of being good

Countless teams in countless sports, both locally and nationally, have struggled through an adjustment period in the season following unexpected success.

Blues recruit vending machine worker as backup goalie in game

A similar thing happened to the Wild in 2011, when they called on 51-year-old Paul Deutsch as an emergency backup.

Here's the most impressive Vikings stat from the last three weeks

The Vikings’ last three opponents have all been on winning streaks of three games or more at the time they played Minnesota and had been scoring a lot of points.

Vonn on the Olympics: 'I hope to represent the people' not Trump

Lindsey Vonn, the 2010 Olympic gold medalist who learned to ski at Burnsville’s Buck Hill, said she wouldn't visit the White House if invited.

Trying to find help for the slow, tired (first-place) Timberwolves

The Wolves used only eight players Wednesday night in beating the Clippers. Assuming that formula can't be sustained, where should the Wolves turn for help?

Brent Musburger wants 'snowflakes' to stop preaching about NFL violence

The veteran sports broadcaster wants everyone to shut up and embrace the violent game he grew up with. Does his crude tweet have some truth to it, though?

Good news, bad news: Shurmur a hot head coaching prospect

File this under: Good problem to have, but something to nonetheless keep an eye on. Pat Shurmur's work with the Vikings' offense could get him a promotion with another team.

Legend John Randle has high praise for one specific current Viking

Randle singled out one player — not surprisingly a defensive player — as the target for much of his praise, and turned a phrase that left RandBall in awe.

Jimmy Butler is the pickup basketball teammate we all deserve

In pickup ball, Butler would be the guy that when everyone is tired and one more game seems like a bad idea, he'd insist you keep on playing.

Hashmarks for the Vikings/Falcons game were in the wrong place

File this under amusing and not really a big deal, but let’s acknowledge it anyway:

In praising Vikings' winning streak, don't overlook the running game

Let’s pause for a moment to praise the running game, which has continued to churn out yards even without standout rookie Dalvin Cook.

Thibodeau is playing his starters a ton of minutes again

Things were supposed to be different for Tom Thibodeau, the Timberwolves and their bench. With the season about 30 percent over, though, that hasn't been the case.

Wild's problem is simple: Too much talent out, not enough back in

The Wild's problem is that the recent talent it has acquired isn't at the same level as players who were brought in during previous seasons.

Ranked: The 10 best seasons by backup quarterbacks in Vikings history

The Vikings are known for fearsome defenses and losing four Super Bowls. But part of the team's lore also includes seasons saved by back-up quarterbacks.

Twenty-game record suggests Timberwolves a near-lock for the playoffs

If you believe in history as an accurate predictor of the future and you happen to root for the Timberwolves, here are some significant numbers for you to know,

Zygi? Zimmer? Everson Griffen reveals name of baby born on Thanksgiving

If you’ve been waiting in suspense to find out the actual name of Everson and Tiffany Griffen’s third child, the answer is here.

Jimmy Butler is scoring more, and the Wolves are better for it

New Wolves wing Jimmy Butler played three consecutive games earlier this month during which he attempted just 25 shots total — twice not even topping…

Please stop saying Vikings QB issue is a media creation

It's simple: The minute Vikings coach Mike Zimmer says Case Keenum is the starter, period, he will stop getting asked who's the starting quarterback.

Fleck's struggles in 2017 show that coaching change was right move

Combine Minnesota's poor finish with the rah-rah nature of P.J. Fleck and you have a restless fan base wondering what the heck is going on in Dinkytown. Here's Randball's take.

Travel-weary Timberwolves finally get a chance to unpack their bags

Here's an interesting nugget tweeted out Wednesday by Timberwolves TV play-by-play voice Dave Benz, who is probably just as tired of being on the road…