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Following a dismal April, it's been (the good) vintage Joe Mauer in May

While Joe Mauer's season numbers still don’t look great — .262 average, .695 OPS — his batting average has climbed 37 points already in May while his OPS has jumped 149 points.

RandBall: Gophers softball loss makes NCAA look worse, not better

This weekend’s softball action in Alabama provided a convenient narrative for those who doubted the Gophers softball team. But here's why that point of view is suspect.

Herschel Walker has fond memories of 'The Trade' (even if you don't)

On Oct. 12, 1989, the Vikings did something that they thought would push them over the edge and finally help the franchise win a Super Bowl. Maybe you remember how that went.

Stretch of 53 games in 53 days will be huge test for Twins pitching

Because of four weather postponements and six scheduled off days between the start of the season and Wednesday, the Twins played just 35 games in 45 days.

Three Twins castoffs hit huge home runs Wednesday night

Arizona Diamondbacks Chris Herrmann, center, celebrates his walk-off home run during the 11th inning of a baseball game against the New York Mets, Wednesday, May 17, 2017, in Phoenix. The Diamondbacks won 5-4.

Treat this as more of a coincidental moment in time than a wholesale critique of some of the Twins’ roster moves over the past couple seasons.

Meet 'Alternative Fats,' the St. Paul Saints newest pig mascot

The Saints claim they got more than four million suggestions for this year’s pig. But we're assuming that's part of the gag.

Has Tom Brady been playing with undisclosed concussions?

Gisele Bundchen, famous in her own right but also married to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, said Wednesday that Brady had a concussion last year. And apparently it wasn’t his first one

Selling naming rights to Mariucci and Williams Arenas? It could happen

While there are no plans anytime soon to remove Mariucci and Williams from the building names, a University of Minnesota official said adding a sponsor name to those buildings and their existing names is a “possibility.”

Sano, Buxton among top 25 players under 25 — but not in order you'd think

Neither Sano nor Buxton made the list last year — instead, both had to settle for “honorable mention” as they struggled through seasons in which they produced less than what was expected.

The Timberwolves' recent draft lottery lucky actually has been good

Despite their reputation, the Wolves’ lottery luck has been much better over the last five years. You might even say that it’s been … good?

Twins have done almost everything right on defense

Whether we’re talking about traditional data or more advanced metrics, the Twins have so far been one of the baseball's top defensive teams this season.

Gophers softball: Bad snub by the NCAA, or one of worst snubs ever?

How a team that puts up a 54-3 record and wins the Big Ten championship was not seeded among the top 16 is baffling.

Samantha Ponder: She and Christian were 'easy targets' in Minnesota

The encounters weren’t just in public, of course. They were even more frequent on social media — particularly Twitter.

The time the Wolves passed on Isaiah Thomas and went down a draft rabbit hole

The player selected has gone on to have great success in Qatar. Isaiah Thomas has gone on to have great success in the NBA.

Why Jose Berrios might be the Twins' most important prospect

Twins manager Paul Molitor on pitcher Jose Berrios: “He’s strung together some starts [at Class AAA Rochester]. We have been impressed with some of the things he has been doing in terms of progress in the areas that we needed to see.”

Jose Berrios, who is slated to make his 2017 Twins debut Saturday against Cleveland, might be the organization’s most important prospect of them all.

Minnesotans can (sort of) relate to D.C. sports fans' bad night

Minnesota teams have a habit of losing in bunches and creating nights (or long weekends) where it seems like nothing goes right.

Will Michael Floyd become the Vikings' new Cris Carter?

Getting tough on transgressions — a favorite move in the playbook of organizations trying to appeal to fans — is eventually going to run up squarely against another popular sports story: the notion of redemption.

Who would be No. 1 pick if starting a Minnesota-based all sports network?

That question came up on a national level Tuesday night on Twitter in relation to the Sports Emmy awards that were handed out in New York City, Let's take it local.

After awful start, Twins outfielder Byron Buxton is on a roll

Minnesota Twins' Byron Buxton runs out a bunt single in the fourth inning against the Kansas City Royals on Sunday, April 30, 2017 at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Mo.

He’s been spraying the ball to all fields while also hitting with authority, with Tuesday’s 7-2 victory over Chicago providing a good example. Is this the real Buxton?

Broncos fans lose tickets for selling them; would a Minnesota team do the same?

It might seem like a somewhat bold move, but the idea of revoking season tickets underscores the push-pull teams can feel in the battle against secondary market sellers.