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Minnesota's teams: What are the best-case and worst-case outcomes?

This feels like a vulnerable time for Minnesota pro sports teams, with a wide range of possible outcomes that could dictate each team’s future.

Matt Kalil left Twitter because of harassment from Vikings fans

“After playing in Minnesota, I just got rid of my Twitter,” Matt Kalil said during a TV show that he appeared on with his social-media savvy brother Ryan, who is now a teammate on the Carolina Panthers.

How does Thibodeau keep injured LaVine in the loop? 'Yell at him daily'

Wolves coach Tom Thibodeau, with a smile, said he has a way to keep injured Zach LaVine feeling like part of the team.

Five ways Latavius Murray is an upgrade over Adrian Peterson

It’s nice to have a running back with big-play potential — such as Peterson — but an overlooked thing is having a running back who doesn’t put you in bad down-and-distance situations.

Yes, Ricky Rubio has received one of the NBA's mystery potatoes

The owner of a potato-shipping company sent every NBA starter a personalized potato, which kind of intrigued Wolves point guard Ricky Rubio.

Guest post: Rocket won the Wild vs. Wolves bet with RandBall, and he's here to gloat

Several months ago, my longtime friend Rocket and I made a friendly wager over which team would win more games this season: the Wolves or the Wild. He won and his prize, other than smug satisfaction, is this guest post detailing the origins of the bet.

How concerned should we be about the Wild?

Wild goalie Devan Dubnyk left the game after giving up two goals during the first period against the Blackhawks on March 12 in Chicago.

Is this cold spell foreshadowing a quick playoff exit, putting a major damper on a breakthrough season under first-year coach Bruce Boudreau? Or is this merely an uncomfortable but short-term slump

Report: Former Wolves GM Kahn candidate for UNLV athletic director job

David Kahn became famous (infamous, really) for presiding over numerous questionable draft choices in Minnesota — most notably when the Wolves passed twice on selecting Stephen Curry

Randball: This was not a good week in Minnesota sports

One week ago, I tweeted about all the good things happening in Minnesota sports. Since then, things have collapsed on the court, on the ice and on the pitch. Basically, I was wrong.

Monson picked Minnesota for money, still wrestles with decision to leave Gonzaga

Dan Monson took Gonzaga to the Elite 8 in 1999 and then left the school for Minnesota, one of the teams he heat in the tournament. Gonzaga kept having success; Monson didn't.

Ex-Gopher Lawrence McKenzie sends off team with "Minnesota March" song

Former Minneapolis Henry standout and Gophers guard Lawrence McKenziecould only persevere through basketball injuries for so long. After making it through college and embarking on…

Badgers have the most impressive football and basketball streak in history

Here is your annual reminder of the Badgers athletic program’s consistent dedication to being above-average.

Indiana wouldn't 'devalue' Assembly Hall by hosting men's NIT game. Women's NIT? Sure

The Indiana men's basketball team, which was once ranked No. 3 in the country, wasn't even one of seven Big Ten teams to make the…

Heading to Milwaukee to watch the Gophers? Here are some tips

If you're road-tripping or hopping a short flight to Milwaukee for the Gophers men's basketball team's first NCAA tournament game since 2013, chances are you…

Why have the Wolves been better without Zach LaVine?

Zach LaVine’s field goal percentage has increased each season he has been in the league. This year, he’s making 46.8 percent of his shots.

With one of their best scorers, Zach LaVine, on the floor this season, the Wolves are 16-31. When LaVine has missed games, Minnesota is 12-7. Why?

Packers fans are panicking about free agency even more than Vikings fans

As noted by Pro Football Focus' Nate Jahnke, the Packers have lost a ton of players in free agency this offseason:Eddie Lacy, T.J. Lang, J.C.…

Spielman's last five Vikings drafts have taken a big hit recently

For better or worse, Rick Spielman owns the 2012-16 Vikings drafts. And for a while, those last five drafts looked a lot better than they do now.

Snowy soccer game latest in memorable firsts at 'The Bank'

Vikings fans were evacuated in the second quarter from TCF Bank Stadium because of lighting and heavy rains during a game against the Oakland Raiders in August of 2015.

Every time something new comes to TCF Bank Stadium, something memorable seems to happens — particularly with the weather. Check this out, in chronological order.

Ellison's dad blasts Vikings after son signs with Giants

Vikings tight end Rhett Ellison ran in for a touchdown in the fourth quarter against the Lions. ] CARLOS GONZALEZ cgonzalez@startribune.com - November 6, 2016, Minneapolis, MN, US Bank Stadium, NFL, Minnesota Vikings vs. Detroit Lions

At the very least, Riki Ellison’s comments are worth remembering. Maybe they are a weird footnote. Maybe they are indicative of something bubbling underneath the surface of the team.

Badgers fans outraged over their No. 8 seed (and Minnesota's No. 5)

Badgers fans who thought a run to the Big Ten tournament title game would offset a rough end to the regular season were splashed with some cold water Sunday.