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Frazier: Goal to 'squelch the talk of an undefeated season'

Vikings' shot to derail history comes Monday night at Lambeau.

Blog post by: Mark Craig

Updated: November 10, 2011 - 12:55 PM

Vikings coach Leslie Frazier has been where the undefeated Packers are right now. He's also heard the outside "chatter" that comes with the possibility of joining the 1972 Dolphins as the only team to make it through an entire season undefeated.

Frazier was a cornerback with the Bears in 1985 when they started 12-0, lost a Monday nighter at Miami and then ran the table, including a Super Bowl win. He also was with the Colts as an assistant coach when they started 13-0 in 2005 and 9-0 en route to the Super Bowl win during the 2006 season.

"This early, you might not think about [an undefeated season] quite as much, although you hear a lot about it from people outside of your organization," said Frazier, referring to the Packers' 8-0 start. "But the longer you're undefeated, the more the drama builds and it can be overwhelming if you are not a mature team. But they seem to be.

"Our goal is to squelch the talk of an undefeated season after Monday night. But it can grow to the point where you lose sight of what your goal is, which is to get to the Super Bowl and win the Super Bowl."

Other highlights from Frazier's press conference today:

Ponder also spoke to reporters today. Some of the highlights:

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