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GREENVILLE, Va. — Authorities say the Hells Angels and a rival motorcycle club crossed paths at a Virginia motel, leading to a fight and the shooting of one man.

Sheriff Donald Smith said at a news conference that the man is in critical, but stable, condition following the shooting early Monday at a Greenville motel. Another man was beaten and released from a hospital. Smith says both are members of the Pagan's Motorcycle Club.

He says the brawl started when members of the Hells Angels saw members of the Pagan's Motorcycle Club arrive to check in. Smith says the groups were passing through the area and had attended some type of "convention" for each of their groups.

Seven alleged Hells Angels members were arrested on charges including malicious wounding and meth possession.

Smith says the Pagan's members are from Virginia while the Hells Angels came from the New York City area.