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Sharyn Jackson joined the Star Tribune in 2014. Before moving to Minnesota, she was a reporter for USA Today and the Des Moines Register in Iowa, and an editor at the Village Voice in New York City. She has a master's in journalism from Columbia University.

Hopkins Dance Center founder Leslie Daly, who taught generations of dancers, dies at 71

Leslie Jean Daly, of St. Louis Park, died Jan. 14 at age 71 after battling breast cancer for 18 years.

Two Twin Cities film series keep the movies they show a mystery

Talk Cinema shows contemporary films that haven't been released in the Twin Cities, while Secret Cinema shows classics.

Doughnuts the size of your head are being served up at a Twin Cities bakery

The so-called Texas doughnut at Hans' Bakery is the equivalent of five regular doughnuts.

Sexual health should be part of menopause discussion, expert says

An expert shares tips for improving your sex life as you age.

I tried to find celebrities in town for Super Bowl week – and failed miserably

The Twin Cities were swarming with celebrities. But spotting A-listers wasn't all that easy.

A former teacher in Minnesota turns fantasy leagues into real lessons in classrooms

On the eve of a major sporting event, Eric Nelson is already thinking about the next one. The former social studies teacher from Minneapolis has…

Tigers hit the field in '400-Pound Kitten Bowl' at Wildcat Sanctuary

Watch three rescue tigers from the Wildcat Sanctuary get in on some Super Bowl action.

Kittens and football are purr-fect pairing at Kitten Bowl Live on Nicollet Mall

An offshoot of the Kitten Bowl, an all-feline alternative to the Super Bowl, has come to Minneapolis.

We put the Google art selfie app to the test with Minnesota celebrities

Google recently rolled out a face scanner that matches users' faces with the works of art they resemble.

Minnesota's Bartz brothers unveil their annual snow sculpture, Diggs the Lobster

Three brothers have been sculpting enormous sea animals out of snow on their front lawn for 7 years.