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A new study shows that sheep have the ability to recognize human faces from photographs on computer screens. The Cambridge University study also shows that sheep can recognize the faces of their human handlers without any prior training. It had been known that sheep can recognize familiar faces of other sheep and of humans. The researchers say this study of the ability of sheep to recognize faces may be useful in research into Huntington’s disease and other human brain disorders that affect mental processing. Lead scientist Professor Jenny Morton said sheep have advanced face-recognition abilities comparable to those of humans and monkeys. Among the faces they were trained to recognize were Barack Obama and Harry Potter actress Emma Watson. The research was published in Royal Society: Open Science.

Archaeologists discover ancient gymnasium near Egyptian capital

Egypt’s antiquities ministry said archaeologists have discovered remnants of an ancient gymnasium dating back about 2,300 years, from the Hellenistic period. The discovery was made by a German-Egyptian mission at the site of Watfa in Fayoum Province, about 50 miles southwest of the capital, Cairo. Watfa is the site of the ancient village of Philoteris, founded by King Ptolemy II in the 3rd century BC. Ayman Ashmawi of the ministry said the gymnasium consists of a large meeting hall, once adorned with statues, a dining hall, a courtyard and a nearly 200-meter-long racetrack. Cornelia Roemer, head of the mission, said the discovery clearly shows the impact of Greek life in Egypt, not only in Alexandria, but also in the countryside.

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