See more of the story Swimmers headed to the beaches of Georgia or Florida's east coast are continuing to be warned that an elevated risk of rip currents exists into Monday, but that danger will increase Tuesday into Wednesday.

The elevated danger of rip currents developed as an area of high pressure settled into the South on Saturday. While the high will allow much of the South to enjoy a nice end to the weekend, winds circulating around that high will be aimed directly at Florida's eastern beaches and Georgia's coastline into Monday.

The winds will continue to drive ocean waves toward the coast. More dangerous rip currents will then develop as that water rapidly exits through narrow corridors, formed by either jetties or sand bars.

The rip current danger will increase further Tuesday into Wednesday as a fresh area of high pressure drops southward and strengthens the onshore winds.

Making conditions even more treacherous for swimmers, waves heights will also build around midweek. Operators of small craft will be urged to use caution, and may even be forced to stay in port.

Rip currents pose a serious threat to swimmers. If you are headed to the beaches of Georgia or Florida's east coast over the next several days, swim only in the presence of life guards. Be sure to heed any swimming restrictions put in place.

For those that do get caught in a rip current, it is important to stay calm.

You can first attempt to escape the current by swimming parallel to the coast.

If you remain trapped, you should then either float or tread water until the current eventually weakens.

Story by Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski