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BUCHAREST, Romania — Hundreds of Romanian protesters have vented their anger a month after an anti-corruption protest degenerated into violence leaving 450 people injured.

Demonstrators gathered Monday outside government offices, holding Romanian, European Union and U.S. flags. They shouted "Resign!" and "We won't give in!" There were smaller protests in other cities.

A 54-year-old technician, Nicolae Badea, said he received medical help after he inhaled pepper spray squirted by riot police during the Aug. 10 protest.

He said "we have to stand together. They want to pass an amnesty to help" people convicted of corruption.

Protesters have held anti-corruption rallies regularly since the left-wing Social Democrats won Romania's 2016 election and embarked on a contentious judicial overhaul. Government critics say the changes will make it harder to prosecute high-level graft.