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Rohan Preston covers theater for the Star Tribune.

Preston spent his childhood in Jamaica and adolescence in New York before earning an English degree at Yale. He has served on the Pulitzer Prize jury for drama. He has been a Star Tribune theater critic since 1998.

The Guthrie Theater finds success with broadly inclusive programs

Successful, diverse offerings let the theater finish season in the black.

Sally Dixon, pioneering curator and champion of avant-garde films, dies at 87

She died Tuesday in the car of her son, Alexander, as he was fulfilling her last wish by taking her out of hospice and driving her home.

Arts writer John Townsend, a champion of Twin Cities theater, dies at 60

John Townsend, a prolific Twin Cities arts writer and rights activist who contributed freelance reviews to the Star Tribune and wrote for Lavender, billed as…

Playwright Lauren Yee has won over $400,000 in literary prizes in 2019

Lauren Yee, who considers the Twin Cities an artistic home, has won over $400,000 in literary prizes and has four upcoming shows in the area.

Meet the folks who serve as air traffic controllers for Twin Cities theater

Combining an air traffic controller's calm with nimble troubleshooting skills, stage managers keep shows in tiptop shape.

$12.5M Capri Theater renovation pinned as linchpin to north Minneapolis revitalization

A $12.5 million expansion of the Capri Theater promises to help with the revitalization of north Minneapolis.

New Arab-American play 'Zafira' evokes Orwellian dystopia at Guthrie

Review: Donald Trump is not mentioned by name but his aura permeates the drama about spreading Islamophobia.

Review: Skylark Opera Theatre's 'Happy Fella' is low-budget but not cut-rate

Skylark's "Most Happy Fella" is a stripped-down but entirely charming Golden Age musical.

80-year-old Minnesotan 'lives his faith' — from early civil rights to comforting the sick today

In late life, one-time civil rights prosecutor and lawyer Chad Quaintance has taken to helping hospital patients in their crucibles.

British director and adapter Greg Banks has become a master of reducing classic texts to their play-filled essences

Adapter Greg Banks has become beloved in the Twin Cities for his re-imagined classics.