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Rick Nelson is a restaurant critic and food writer. He also blogs with Lee Svitak Dean in a food blog, Table Talk.

Surly Brewing replacing its second-floor Brewer's Table with pizza joint

The brewery announces its new concept for the second-floor space above the massive beer hall.

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Our 15th annual holiday contest is now underway, and we need your recipes.

Pillsbury Hall, U's second-oldest building, is in line for $36M in TLC

After years of failing to make the cut, the beloved building at the University of Minnesota finally is on the shortlist for renovation funding.

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Time for some Sunday morning farmers market shopping. Then, brunch.

Where is the good food at the Mall of America?

The megamall should use its 25th birthday to rethink its food-and-drink options.

Coastal Seafoods buyer looks back on bringing fresh fish to Midwest

As Tim Lauer starts enjoying his well-earned retirement, the 32-year Coastal Seafoods veteran takes a look back at his influential career.

New cookbook revives Lincoln Del, reveals a few culinary secrets

The famed Jewish deli comes back to life in a remembrance-filled cookbook, written by the founders' granddaughter.

A critic's 12 must-eat, tried-and-true dishes at State Fair

The new fair foods get all the attention, but these tried-and-true standbys are a treat every year.

6 Twin Cities chefs dish on their favorite State Fair foods

Sameh Wadi of World Street Kitchen goes for the smoked turkey leg, but it's what he smuggles in to enjoy with it that's noteworthy: "Every year when I walk in I think, 'Is this going to be the year that they bust me?' "

Where are there more great pizza farms near the Twin Cities?

Want to find even more great pizza farms near the Twin Cities? Restaurant critic Rick Nelson offers his picks as he answers readers' questions.