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Richard Chin covers features for the Star Tribune and writes for the Star Tribune Magazine. He is a graduate of Stanford University and was a Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford.

Got a 1905 chair from Minnesota State Capitol? Cass Gilbert Society wants to know

Missing: 800 pieces of furniture from the Minnesota State Capitol. If you know where any of it is, the Cass Gilbert Society wants to hear from you.

Minnesota woman conquered Antarctica marathon. Now she's raced at the North Pole

Lisa Richardson will run laps on a 4.2-kilometer loop on the snow and ice, watched by race organizers who have rifles on hand in case a polar bear shows up.

'I just got beat by a 10-year-old': Rosemount girl is a running phenom

Rosemount 10-year-old is an inspiration to older, slower runners (that is, most of us).

U professor and musician is a red-hot chili pepper expert

Despite being in the land of "not too spicy, please," a University of Minnesota microbiologist is making Minnesota an epicenter for chili pepper research.

Is it OK to drop dog poop in a neighbor's garbage can?

Everyone agrees that dog owners should pick up their pet's droppings, but where you put them is a matter of debate.

Why memorize pi, poems when it's all on your phone? To have it in your heart

There's a world of information in your pocket — but some folks prefer to use their memory and rev up their brains, nourish their souls.

Listen up: 'Geek fest' of 15,000 musicians will be in Mpls. this week

The conference features more than 90 performances at four venues: the Minneapolis Convention Center, Orchestra Hall, Central Lutheran Church and Westminster Presbyterian Church.