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Richard Chin covers features for the Star Tribune and writes for the Star Tribune Magazine. He is a graduate of Stanford University and was a Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford.

Minnesota's extreme car stereo fans compete to see how loud they can go

Forget muscle cars. In this decibel drag race, competitors empty their wallets to pack their beaters with speakers that blare windshield-cracking sound.

DIY radio theater makes a comeback across Minnesota

Driven by technology and the popularity of podcasts, Minnesotans are creating experimental sci-fi, adventure serials, variety shows and more.

Runners find another level at Red Bull's 'steepest race' in U.P.

Energy drink giant goes for another extreme: this time, sprinting 400 meters up a ski jump in Michigan.

At 81, activist Leslie Davis makes his seventh, and likely last, run for governor

For decades, environmental activist Leslie Davis has guarded his Earth Protector brand. Now it's for sale.

Liberal Maplewood millennial not typical gun rights advocate: 'We're normal people'

Sarah Cade is young, biracial and passionately liberal. She's also become a self-described gun nut and a staunch defender of gun ownership.

After ditching their car and riding bikes for a year, Mpls. family buys a minivan

A young Minneapolis family makes an adventure out of going car-free.

Minnesota outdoorsman Robert Dustrude, who built a better camping saw, dies at 97

For decades, Dustrude made the saws in the workshop of his home on Swan Lake in Pengilly, Minn. He continued making them almost to the day he died March 10 at the age of 97.

Minneapolis sibling tax accountants are 'crazy' like Foxes for artist clients

A brother-and-sister accounting firm makes life less taxing for artists. It helps that the siblings are "a little crazy."

Underground explorer is on a mission to map Minnesota's forgotten springs

A St. Paul man has spent decades hunting the hidden springs of Minnesota, once a source of drinking water and health cures.

A unique weekend of winter racing on frozen Lake Superior

A unique winter duo in northwestern Wisconsin motors by different means.