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Richard Chin is a feature reporter with the Star Tribune in Minneapolis. He has been a longtime Twin Cities-based journalist who has covered crime, courts, transportation, outdoor recreation and human interest stories.

As a feature reporter, Richard Chin has flown on the Goodyear Blimp, driven the Wienermobile, sunk to the bottom of a lake in a one-man submarine, worn a giant urine specimen cup costume as a mascot for a health care company, rode a vintage Puch at the Sturgis of mopeds and was mistakenly arrested by police hunting for a serial killer. He also spent six weeks in Baghdad during the Iraq war and was a Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford University.

Why so many Twin Cities clergy members bicycle religiously

For a growing number of Twin Cities clergy members, biking is part of the ministry.

Minnesotan John Klatt traded fighter jets for the quiet life of an aerial acrobat

Minnesota pilot John Klatt has flown in war zones, on humanitarian missions and for airlines. Now he provides thrills at air shows across the country.

How a man tracked down his grandpa's long lost car in Minnesota

Ohio man's search for beloved car culminated in Minnesota.

Grand Marais celebration is like the car show for wooden watercraft enthusiasts

A wooden boat parade, puppetry pageant, chowder tasting and contra dancing are part of this North Shore event.

Traveling expo of 'Oddities & Curiosities' comes to Minneapolis

And now for something completely different — an expo devoted to the odd.

These Minnesota grown-ups take Wiffle ball seriously – very seriously

A Cottage Grove man has built what's believed to be the biggest adult Wiffle ball league in the country.

A Minnesotan dives into the dangerous, icy waters of Lake Superior to take photos

A Minnesotan immerses himself in his photography – and the dangerous, icy waters of Lake Superior.

A century later, St. Paul still celebrates 'big tradition' of school safety patrol parade

About 800 young crossing guards, accompanied by high school and middle school bands, will march May 14.

David Bourn, projectionist who lit up the skies and put Prince in the spotlight, dies at 77

Family and friends who were searching for the gathering to honor the passing of David Bourn needed only to follow the lights in the sky.…

Neighbors dodge flames, debris to rescue 'Sarge' after St. Paul home blast

A gas leak is suspected. The 74-year-old victim was in fair condition at Regions Hospital after the explosion at his West Side home.