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Former Silicon Valley engineer Krishna Seshan dies at 71

Seshan, of Minneapolis, had an accomplished career as a researcher and academic. But after he retired and moved to the Twin Cities, the former engineer became an artist and musician. He died Oct. 25 at age 71.

A cure for your snoring might be an app developed at the University of Minnesota

“Nee-nee-nee-nee-nee-nee-nee. Naw. Nee-nee-nee. Naw-naw-naw-naw.” Brian Krohn is chanting into his phone, which is displaying animated missiles shooting down a red whale. It’s a new smartphone…

Cure for snoring? St. Paul inventor Brian Krohn may have it with wizard tools

From wizard staffs and surgery tools to sleep apps, this Minnesota genius applies science to real life

'Da Vinci Code' author Dan Brown's code for thriller novel success

In the bestselling novelist's latest thriller, "Origin," science threatens to kill off God.

KARE 11 and longtime morning anchor Kim Insley 'part ways'

Insley talked about some future plans in a video she posted on Facebook.

'Nye's is better off dead': Minnesotans air contrarian views with hilarious hashtag

A writer asks Twin Citians for their controversial opinions, and they let him have it on Twitter.

You can fly! Virtual reality workout coming to Minneapolis

Exercise machines allow you to run, row, bike and climb. Now you can also fly.

St. Paul prof on Squishy Circuits: 'So much of the work I do is about play'

Prof. AnnMarie Thomas teaches, leads a lab and lives her life through spectacle and playful learning.

How can a pancake help you get in shape?

A group fitness class called Spartan Strong uses a "pancake" and more to give you a full-body workout.

Who needs a minivan? 'Adventurous' Twin Cities parents cart kids on bikes

Some Twin Cities parents are driving the switch from cars to cargo bikes to haul kids and groceries.