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The cumulative impact of Royce White's rookie season on his eventual NBA career is not yet known. Things could still level off, with White deciding he can be a trailblazer for anxiety disorders while simultaneously playing ball.

For now, though, SB Nation takes a look at what he has missed out on -- particularly how damaging opting out of the D-League playoffs could be. A few snips:

This week, the previously not-so-known Patrick Beverley has been front and center on a national stage. So far starting three games for the Rockets in their first-round playoff matchup against the Oklahoma City Thunder, the guard has been doing what he can to help keep his underdog team alive.

Such an opportunity came about, undoubtedly, because of the type of promise and potential Beverley had initially shown in the D-League. Many players before him (and what's sure to be plenty more afterwards) have achieved similar success after first flashing their prowess in the minors. But Beverley's fellow rookie and Rockets' teammate Royce White failed to capitalize on a similar opportunity of his own this season.

After initially refusing to report to RGV following two Rockets' formal assignments for him to do so, White finally reported to Houston's minor league affiliate in mid-February after reaching what he believed to be a reasonable temporary solution with regard to certain disorder accommodations. He came to town following months of trying to get him on the court. ... Over his final five games in RGV, he averaged an impressive 15.6 points (on 48% from the field), 5.8 rebounds, 3.2 assists, and 1.4 steals in only 24.4 minutes per contest.

White's success may have continued, but he took matters into his own hands once again by opting not to join the Vipers for the postseason. ... Playing for the Rockets' D-League squad has clearly done wonders for many. Beverley and Greg Smith are contributors on Houston's playoff team, and the others who led RGV to a title can likely expect further looks from the big league team during Summer League.

After turning his back on the opportunity to emerge as a key NBADL playoff contributor, can White still expect the same consideration this summer?

Good question -- one of many for White and the Rockets this offseason.