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Rachel Hutton is a general assignment reporter in features for the Star Tribune. 

Hutton was previously the editor of Minnesota Monthly and Midwest Home magazines and City Pages' food critic. She has written frequently about restaurants, travel, and design and enjoys profiling interesting people. A Minnesota native, Hutton returned home after stints in the Bay Area and New York City and has traveled the state extensively, from the Spring Grove Soda factory near the Iowa border to the Northwest Angle, which pokes into the Canadian one. She has a degree in product design from Stanford and co-edited an essay collection about life "before the mortgage" prior to settling in the Twin Cities.

On a small Mexican island, finding the Minnesota touch with a hometown hotelier

On Isla Mujeres, a St. Paul man pours on the hometown welcome.

Twin Cities square dance group has been doing the do-si-do for 40 years

Monday Night Square Dance has been the local epicenter of "old-time music, dance and raging hormones" for four decades.

Bloomington video gamer turns professional drone racer (yes, that's a career)

How a Bloomington video gamer turned his fine-motor skills into a career as a professional drone racer.

Found a Halloween costume online? There's a good chance it came from here.

If you've ever bought or rented a Halloween costume online, there's a good chance it came from here.

Val Swedberg, fabric store owner and beloved Byerlys sample lady, dies at 96

Rarely did her "social butterfly" mother visit anybody without something she'd made in hand, daughter Cindi Konitzer said.

How 'interabled' Minnesota couple 'Squirmy and Grubs' became an internet sensation

He has a disability. She doesn't. To change how the world sees them as a couple, these two Minnesotans launched a vlog and became a YouTube sensation.

Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton coming to Minneapolis

Mother-daughter speaking tour promotes "The Book of Gutsy Women: Favorite Stories of Courage and Resilience."

What is it like to be asexual? These Minnesotans explain

Long told they're in denial, those who don't feel sexual attraction see their stories on stage.

Shared creative spark unites cartoonist and painter decades after they met, married

Though they work in two very different corners of the art world, the couple share an understanding of both its challenges and its allure.

Why Ghost in the Graveyard and other 'night games' still endure today

These carefree outside games — from Red Light, Green Light to Kick the Can — are still a staple of backyards, schoolyards, playgrounds and camps.