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Gaining steam, move to end Sunday alcohol sale ban heads to Senate

On Wednesday, a Minnesota Senate committee will take up a bill to lift the ban on Sunday liquor sales, and a full Senate vote could come soon.

The Senate Commerce Committee will take it up Wednesday, and a full Senate vote could come soon.

Minnesota parents lobby for kids at 'Dyslexia Day' at State Capitol

Kristin Erb, center, and her son Max, 10, took part in the Dyslexia Day rally in the Capitol Rotunda on Tuesday.

Families seek programs and state support for students struggling to read.

Trump admin lays out new approach to illegal immigration

Donald Trump the presidential candidate made no secret of his desire to crack down on illegal immigration, but once elected, he repeatedly offered varying interpretations of just how tough he would be in the White House.

'It saved my life': Talk of Obamacare repeal worries addicts

Drug addicts caught up in the nation's opioid-abuse crisis are worried about what will happen if the Trump administration makes good on its promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Gang member accused in officer's slaying was on probation

Officials say a California criminal justice reform initiative played no role in the length of the prison sentence of a gang member who is accused of shooting two police officers, one of whom died.

Experts: Science behind 'abortion reversal' is flawed

Lawmakers in several states are considering requirements for doctors to inform women seeking medical abortions about an unproven procedure called "abortion reversal."

US shutting down Dakota Access oil pipeline protest camp

The Army Corps of Engineers' plan to close a Dakota Access pipeline protest camp that's been around for more than six months isn't likely to be the demise of on-the-ground opposition in North Dakota.

Dayton: Using National Guard for immigration roundups would be "concerning"
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The governor said he would advise the Trump administration against using Guard troops in Minnesota, if ordered.

Gov. Dayton signs off on $35M in new state loans for farmers
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The bill extends the bonding authority of the state's Rural Finance Authority.

Kansas governor to wield veto pen on tax bill

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback is preparing to make good on a pledge to veto a bill increasing personal income taxes as a budget fix.

Trump immigration orders raise Minn. fears, sanctuary offers

In Minnesota, more than a dozen churches have pledged to safeguard those facing deportation.

GOP members of Congress meet with protests at town halls

Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn returned to her district Tuesday in Tennessee and was greeted by tough questions on topics from health care reform to President Donald Trump's cabinet appointees. She also was met with protests.

Even at anything-goes Carnival, these lyrics raise eyebrows

The typical notion of Carnival in Brazil is that anything goes: no headdress too big, no outfit too small, no song too ribald. This year, some organizers of the world's best known street party are saying: "Enough!" At least to the lyrics.

Milo Yiannopoulos apologizes for remarks, quits Breitbart

Polarizing right-wing writer Milo Yiannopoulos was by turns apologetic for comments he made about sexual relationships between boys and men and adamant he had been the subject of "a cynical media witch hunt" on Tuesday as he spoke after resigning as an editor at Breitbart News.

Citizens League report hopes to break the transit 'logjam'

A local think tank put forth ideas to break the Capitol stalemate on a fractious issue.

Senate Intelligence Committee asks for Russia-related records to be preserved

Senate panel is probing alleged ties to Trump team.

744 hours: How Trump spent his first month in office, by the numbers

From the moment Donald Trump was sworn in as president until noon Monday, precisely one month passed. A total of 744 hours. Here’s how he…

Minnesota's GOP representatives in Congress under pressure for town halls

Rep. Tom Emmer has promised to leave his town hall meeting if event gets raucous.

Minneapolis DFL expects to move citywide convention to July 8

The new date would avoid conflicts with Ramadan and Twin Cities Pride.