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As Clinton cheers, Donald Trump digs in after debate

Donald Trump during a town hall-style event with Hispanics at Miami Dade College in Miami, Sept. 27, 2016. In the aftermath of a disappointing first debate with Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump lashed out wildly on Tuesday, scolding the moderator, Lester Holt, and criticizing a beauty pageant winner for her physique.

A defensive Donald Trump gave Hillary Clinton plenty of fresh material for the next phase of her presidential campaign on Tuesday, choosing to publicly reopen and relitigate some her most damaging attacks.

Franken, Klobuchar to vote to override Obama veto on terrorism lawsuits

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, left, and Sen. Al Franken.

Klobuchar, Franken plan to join veto override on Saudi bill.

Minnesota police shooting probe goes to prosecutors

Minnesota authorities have given prosecutors the results of their investigation into the fatal police shooting of a black man who was killed during a traffic stop.

Board doesn't want wrongfully convicted man to be exonerated

The Tennessee Board of Parole says the governor should not formally exonerate a man who spent 31 years in prison but was released after DNA evidence cleared him of the crime.

After 170 years, remains of US troops return from Mexico

Remains of U.S. troops who died in the Mexican-American War are being returned from Mexico for forensic study that might determine where they were from and how they died.

US imposes sanctions on Italian rapper for fighting with IS

The Obama administration has imposed sanctions on an Italian rapper who moved to Syria to join the Islamic State group.

No charges against deputy who shot inmate in airport scuffle

A Dallas County grand jury has opted not to indict a former sheriff's deputy from Oklahoma who shot an inmate during a 2015 escape attempt at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

Lester Holt keeps cool in hot-tempered Clinton-Trump debate

The NBC anchor was a largely benevolent sheriff in high-profile political showdown.

Signs can go wild during election season

If you were waiting to put up 50-foot billboards in your yard proclaiming the imminent arrival of extraterrestrials, your moment has arrived. Election season means…

Arizona Republic has endorsed a Republican every year for 126 years. Until now.

"When the president of the United States speaks, the world expects substance. Not a blistering tweet," it said.

Senators want to know if EpiPen maker violated law

In a letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch, they question how Mylan classified device in order to lower rebates.

In Iowa, strong feelings about debate's victory

– Iowans in the capital of this battleground state watched the first presidential debate with the intensity of fans at a Super…

Across the globe, mixed verdicts on presidential debate

– Asked what he thought of the U.S. presidential debate as he walked to work through the streets of Cairo’s Zamalek neighborhood, Raffik…

Trump sniffles at debate, and the internet plays doctor

When President Obama sparred with Mitt Romney during the 2012 presidential debates, hundreds of thousands of memes were spawned from the mentions of “binders full…

Does Trump not pay taxes? He made it sound that way

We still don’t know what Donald Trump’s tax returns show, because he still hasn’t released them. So it wasn’t unexpected that Hillary Clinton floated multiple…

How Trump fumbled with rambling 'birther' answer

– The moment when Donald Trump’s fortunes turned sharply south in the first presidential debate began like any other moment in his…

Who won the debate? Commentators weigh in

In the first showdown between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the presidential candidates exchanged blows on trade and foreign policy, called each other racist and…

Trump goes on attack, defends remarks about pageant winner

Just hours after his first presidential debate with Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump lashed out at the debate moderator, complained about his microphone and threatened to make Bill Clinton's marital infidelity a campaign issue.

US probing possible worker abuse by Wells Fargo

The U.S. Labor Department is investigating possible abuses of employees by Wells Fargo in connection with the bank's alleged efforts to open millions of unauthorized accounts to meet sales goals.