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Trump: France, others hit by terror may face more screening

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is asserting that countries like France that he says are compromised by terrorism may be subjected to the "extreme vetting" he proposes as a deterrent to attacks in the U.S.

Tim Kaine gets a warm homecoming in Richmond

Sen. Tim Kaine received a hero's welcome outside his Richmond home, capping off his debut as Hillary Clinton's running mate.

Massachusetts Democrats gear up for star turns at convention

Massachusetts is gearing up for an outsized role when Democrats gather in Philadelphia this week for their national convention.

VIEWER GUIDE: Clinton asking voters for fresh look in Philly

Hillary Clinton has been in the public eye for more than two decades, sized up as a political spouse, legislator, diplomat and politician. For good or ill, everyone has an opinion about her.

In Dallas, burgeoning movement overshadowed by shooting

The leadership of the Next Generation Action Network drove all night from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, arriving in Dallas early on July 7, just hours before the start of their hastily arranged march that ended in the worst attack on law enforcement since 9/11.

2 years after Ferguson, recriminations roil governor's race

It has been two years since a white police officer fatally shot black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, touching off days of rioting, but the political repercussions from the incident have only intensified, fanned by a governor's race in which all four Republican candidates are pledging an aggressive law-and-order approach.

West Coast style weather strikes Northeastern US

At Lavoie's Farm in New Hampshire, beans and corn haven't broken through the ground yet and fields of strawberries are stunted.

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Vikings veteran Fran Tarkenton speaks at Republican convention

Former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Fran Tarkenton spoke to the Republican National Convention on its last night in Cleveland.

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Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton and other elected officials to speak at DNC

Gov. Mark Dayton, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Sen. Al Franken and Rep. Peggy Flanagan will speak at next week's Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Hillary Clinton looks to close trust deficit at convention

In Philadelphia, the Democrats' presidential hopeful has a full plate between winning over party progressives and speaking to a broader audience.

Retired major giving House Speaker Daudt challenge in primary

Military veteran Alan Duff will take him on in the GOP primary Aug. 9.

RNC: Trump outlines his vision for America

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump made his case to the country in his speech at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, outlining his vision for the future of America.

Kaine: Clinton is 'opposite of Trump'

Sen. Tim Kaine is using his debut appearance as Hillary Clinton's running mate on Saturday to introduce himself to voters. He offered a tough assault on Donald Trump, and then added that Clinton is the opposite of him.


Coverage of the convention July 25-28 in Philadelphia.

Democratic National Convention schedule

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Comparing and contrasting Tim Kaine with Hillary Clinton, on the issues

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Reconsidering Hillary Clinton

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Looking back at past Democratic National Conventions

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Minnesota state Sen. Jeff Hayden's sister fatally shot in Atlanta

The 25-year-old woman was caught in rival gangs' crossfire, Hayden wrote on social media.