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Gov. Mark Dayton looks back on 40 years of Democratic National Conventions

Gov. Mark Dayton of Minnesota speaks during the final day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia , Thursday, July 28, 2016.

From 1976 to 2016, the DFL governor's political career has gone through highs and lows.

Obama signs bill requiring labeling of GMO foods

President Obama on Friday signed a bill that will require labeling of genetically modified ingredients for the first time. The legislation will cover most food packages.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has two years to write the rules, pre-empting a GMO Vermont law that kicked in earlier this month.

Army report: Grenade found in room of Dallas gunman in 2014

An Army report says the reservist who killed five Dallas police officers had kept an unauthorized grenade in his room on an Afghanistan base in 2014.

Co-founder of Autism Speaks, Suzanne Wright, dies at 69

A co-founder of the advocacy group Autism Speaks has died after helping build it into one of the leading voices for people with the developmental disorder. Suzanne Wright was 69.

Dozens march in Dallas against police violence toward blacks

Several dozen protesters marched through downtown Dallas on Friday to protest police violence toward African-Americans while also paying homage to five police officers slain by a sniper during a demonstration earlier this month.

Clinton roars against Trump as a hacking distraction arises

Fresh off a spirited convention, Hillary Clinton told prospective voters Friday they face a "stark choice" in November and pressed ahead with the scalding rhetoric against her Republican rival that marked many of the speeches in Philadelphia. Another distraction arose, however, as her aides acknowledged that a hacking attack that exposed Democratic Party emails also reached into a computer system used by her own campaign.

Courts strike blows to GOP voter restrictions in 3 states

Courts dealt setbacks on Friday to Republican efforts in three states to restrict voting, blocking a North Carolina law requiring photo identification, loosening a similar measure in Wisconsin and halting strict citizenship requirements in Kansas.

Dayton: Clinton 'dedicated her life to serving the needs of others'
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Gov. Mark Dayton addressed the crowd at the DNC

Fitch lifts Minnesota to top credit rating
Hot Dish Politics

Rating increase reflects state's economy, budget reserves, financial health

Father of fallen soldier offers emotional rebuke of Trump

Khizr Khan lost his son, Capt. Humayun Khan of the Army, to the war in Iraq more than a decade ago. On Thursday night, he…

Tim Kaine is the ultimate dad, says Twitter

The main response to vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine at the Democratic National Convention last night? He is everyone's dad.

Push for $15 minimum in Minneapolis hits a snag

A push to give workers in Minneapolis one of the highest minimum wages in the country has run into a major obstacle.

Chelsea Clinton: Mom driven by compassion, heart

Chelsea Clinton praised Hillary Clinton's contributions to social causes throughout her life, calling Hillary her role model, saying "That's who my mom is - she's a listener and a doer. She's a woman driven by compassion, by faith."

Clinton: With no ceilings, 'the sky's the limit'

To thundering cheers of delegates at the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton noted that she's made history by becoming the first woman of a major U.S. political party to be nominated for president, saying "the sky is the limit."

Chelsea Clinton steps up to new role

– Chelsea Clinton had a singular role to play on the final night of the Democratic National Convention here, serving as the very…

Minnesota DFL's Sanders, Clinton camps join in opposition to Trump

– Passionate divisions among Minnesota DFLers who watched Hillary Clinton triumphantly claim the Democratic presidential nomination Thursday started to give way to a…

Trump says Putin is better leader than Obama

Donald Trump called President Vladimir Putin of Russia “a better leader” than President Obama, offering the praise in an interview with “Fox and Friends” on…

Dayton: Clinton 'dedicated her life to serving the needs of others'

Gov. Mark Dayton addressed the crowd at the DNC

Fitch lifts Minnesota to top credit rating

Rating increase reflects state's economy, budget reserves, financial health