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DNC starts in Philadelphia with huge protests, high temps

The Democratic National Convention gets underway in Philadelphia on Monday with much bigger demonstrations than the Republican convention and much higher temperatures, as the region copes with an oppressive heat wave.

Trump vs. Clinton: Is a 2017 'peaceful transfer' possible?

The White House

Hillary Clinton should be in jail. Donald Trump threatens America's very existence.

AP Exclusive: Pricey drugs overwhelm Medicare safeguard

A safeguard for Medicare beneficiaries has become a way for drugmakers to get paid billions of dollars for pricey medications at taxpayer expense, government numbers show.

What are the top 20 priciest Medicare prescription drugs?

For Clinton, concern lingers over enthusiasm for candidacy

Hillary Clinton has a problem.

Clinton's turn: Guide to the Democratic National Convention

It's Hillary Clinton's turn.

Trump convention message cheers white supremacists

They don't like to be called white supremacists.

Hot Dish Politics
Vikings veteran Fran Tarkenton speaks at Republican convention

Former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Fran Tarkenton spoke to the Republican National Convention on its last night in Cleveland.

Hot Dish Politics
Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton and other elected officials to speak at DNC

Gov. Mark Dayton, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Sen. Al Franken and Rep. Peggy Flanagan will speak at next week's Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Dismayed by Trump, Bloomberg will endorse Clinton

Michael R. Bloomberg, who bypassed his own run for the presidency this election cycle, will endorse Hillary Clinton in a prime-time address at the Democratic…

Convention a chance at a reintroduction to a well-known politician

– The convention the Republicans just wrapped up in Cleveland, with its prime-time plagiarism, backstabbing rivals and missing dignitaries, may not be a…

Hillary Clinton looks to close trust deficit at convention

In Philadelphia, the Democrats' presidential hopeful has a full plate between winning over party progressives and speaking to a broader audience.

Retired major giving House Speaker Daudt challenge in primary

Military veteran Alan Duff will take him on in the GOP primary Aug. 9.

RNC: Trump outlines his vision for America

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump made his case to the country in his speech at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, outlining his vision for the future of America.

Kaine: Clinton is 'opposite of Trump'

Sen. Tim Kaine is using his debut appearance as Hillary Clinton's running mate on Saturday to introduce himself to voters. He offered a tough assault on Donald Trump, and then added that Clinton is the opposite of him.


Coverage of the convention July 25-28 in Philadelphia.

Democratic National Convention schedule

Monday 2 p.m. CDT: “Putting families first” is the theme. Speakers include Sen. Bernie Sanders and First Lady Michelle Obama. Others will highlight substance…

Comparing and contrasting Tim Kaine with Hillary Clinton, on the issues

Environment Kaine: He calls himself an “avid outdoorsman” and says that conservation can stimulate tourism and fishing economies. He supported opening Virginia’s coast…

Reconsidering Hillary Clinton

– The Democratic National Convention, which begins Monday, has one huge goal: Make people like Hillary Clinton. Make her warm, gentle, compassionate. It…