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Mediation falls apart in GOP's veto battle with Gov. Dayton

Gov. Mark Dayton spoke at a news conference Friday after mediation talks with the Legislature's GOP leaders broke down.

Court-ordered mediation between Gov. Mark Dayton and Republican legislative leaders broke down around noon Friday, when GOP leaders said Dayton ended the session.

Minnesota and Wisconsin among states targeted by Russian hackers

Homeland Security officials confirmed "there was no breach and no attempt to breach Minnesota’s election system,” Secretary of State Steve Simon wrote Friday.

The Department of Homeland Security informed 21 states of the situation about Russian hackers and their election systems. No breach occurred, Secretary of State Steve Simon said. Wisconsin also is included.

Substitute teacher fired for modeling Hitler salute for kids

A school superintendent in Vermont says a substitute teacher has been fired after being accused of showing elementary school children how to make the Nazi salute to Adolf Hitler.

Doctor admits signing phony prescriptions as part of scheme

Federal prosecutors say a New Jersey doctor has admitted signing prescriptions for patients he never saw as part of a scheme that cheated the state's health benefits programs and other insurers out of nearly $25 million.

Trump's comments on anthem, Curry resonate across sports

Police: 2 officers shot by man they suspect shot wife first

Authorities say two police officers have been shot in Connecticut by a man they suspect shot his wife first.

Georgia to pay $550,000 to convicted felon for amputation

A diabetic inmate serving a life sentence for murder has won $550,000 from Georgia for a lawsuit alleging he lost his leg because of improper care and neglect by a prison doctor.

Best Buy CEO signs letter with other leaders supporting DACA

Hubert Joly and other leaders urge President Trump to not end the program that allows undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. as children to continue to work and study in the country

Sen. Klobuchar talks politics on The Daily Show
Hot Dish Politics

Sen. Amy Klobuchar appeared on The Daily Show Tuesday night to talk about getting things done in Congress, lowering drug prices and the direction of the Democratic party.

Tree hides portrait of state's 1st woman elected governor

Visitors to the New Hampshire Statehouse hoping to see former Gov. Jeanne Shaheen's portrait currently have to use their imaginations — the painting is blocked by a potted tree in the reception area outside the governor's office.

Trump aims to achieve congressional balancing act on taxes

President Donald Trump says he wants to lure Democratic lawmakers to sign on to a Republican-crafted tax overhaul plan. But negotiators must deal with the reality that any handouts to Democrats quickly could turn into turn-offs for the GOP.

Police stage killing to snag suspect in murder-for-hire plot

Police say a makeup artist helped them stage an Ohio crime scene to make the suspect in a murder-for-hire plot believe his requested target was killed by the would-be hitman, who actually was working with investigators.

NFL chief, players' union angrily denounce Trump after he calls for firings

The National Football League and its players' union on Saturday angrily denounced President Donald Trump for suggesting that owners fire players who kneel during the national anthem and that fans consider walking out in protest "when somebody disrespects our flag."

McCain's choice: Ailing senator plays spoiler again for GOP

John McCain faced a choice that balanced friendship, party loyalty and his convictions. He made the decision some of his closest advisers expected.

Smithsonian's black history museum popular destination in DC

In its first year, the Smithsonian's new black museum has become the nation's top temple to blackness, an Afrocentric shrine on the National Mall where people of all races, colors and creed are flocking to experience — and leave behind for posterity — the highs and lows of African-American life in the United States.

VP Pence to flex fundraising muscle for Republicans

Vice President Mike Pence went home to Indiana on Friday to pressure the state's lone Democratic senator to support a GOP tax overhaul. He'll bounce to Alabama on Monday, campaigning for President Donald Trump's pick in a special Senate election. And by Thursday, he's scheduled to be in Milwaukee, headlining a $35,000-per-couple fundraiser.

FCC head: Storms teach lessons on emergency communications

Ajit Pai has been to Texas and Florida in recent weeks to learn what lessons hurricanes Harvey and Irma have to offer about how to improve the nation's emergency communication systems during natural disasters.

Trump pardon pains those who feel like Joe Arpaio's victims

Former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio is taking a victory lap now that President Donald Trump has pardoned his recent conviction, giving political speeches, raising money and boasting he's been vindicated following a politically motivated prosecution.

Trump trying to turn around GOP holdouts on health bill

Unwilling to concede defeat on a bedrock GOP promise, President Donald Trump on Saturday tried to sway two Republican holdouts on the party's last-ditch health care hope while clawing at his nemesis who again has brought the "Obamacare" repeal-and-replace effort to the brink of failure.