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Hofstra pushes front-line learning with presidential debate

Monday night's verbal smackdown between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is a hot ticket on the campus of Hofstra University.

As Clinton focuses on debate, Trump says he'd champion women

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is arguing that he'll do more to help women from the White House than Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. At the same time, he's taunting her over the infidelities of her husband.

Still no will, but work to settle Prince estate forges ahead

Work to settle Prince's estate is moving forward, and a closed hearing is expected to be held this week to resolve an undisclosed dispute between the likely heirs and the trust company that's managing the estate. Court papers say only that the dispute involves "confidential business agreements." Five months after the musician's death, here's a look at where things stand:

Nebraska town considers banning smoking in apartments

Some leaders in a blue-collar Nebraska suburb that's home to Offutt Air Force Base are borrowing an idea from a vastly more liberal state: Ban apartment renters from smoking cigarettes and e-cigarettes inside.

Road to debate: Trump built image as he built business

Donald Trump once claimed to be publicity shy.

Clinton as communicator, from Wellesley to campaign trail

Hillary Clinton has said it herself: She's not the most naturally gifted public communicator.

Push on to get Wisconsin voters required photo IDs

They call her the "ID Lady."

Both parties hope to boost turnout as early voting begins in Minn.
Hot Dish Politics

Voting began Friday in Minnesota, one of the earliest states in the nation.

Sen. Franken joins Sen. Rand Paul in pushing to halt Saudi arms sales
Hot Dish Politics

Sen. Franken joins Sen. Rand Paul in pushing to halt Saudi arms sales

Televised debates can change the race

A witty line, an emotional moment or a glaring error can be the difference between winning a high-stakes presidential debate and losing. These unpredictable, nationally…

A look at the battle for the U.S. House

The ability of the next president to fulfill campaign promises could depend on which party has control of Congress.

A look at the battle for the U.S. Senate

The ability of the next president to fulfill campaign promises could depend on which party has control of Congress.

Presidential debate could serve up 'drama and fireworks'

The uniquely uncivil presidential campaign is about to produce one of the biggest civic gatherings in decades: For 90 minutes on Monday night, a polarized…

Senate Minority Leader David Hann has battle ahead for re-election

His DFL challenger, Steve Cwodzinski, is a political newcomer but is well-known in Eden Prairie, where he was a popular high school teacher for more than three decades.

Plenty of opportunities to join others to watch the big debate

Feeling nervous about Monday night's first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump? It's OK, you're not alone. And you don't have to watch…

Obamas officially open new black history museum

The first national museum devoted exclusively to the history and culture of African-Americans is now open.

Signs can go wild during election season

If you were waiting to put up 50-foot billboards in your yard proclaiming the imminent arrival of extraterrestrials, your moment has arrived. Election season means…

Hillary Clinton's 'Between Two Ferns' episode viewed 30M times in 24 hours

"I really regret doing this," Hillary Clinton says in a recent episode of "Between Two Ferns." It has proven to be one of the most popular installments of the Funny or Die comedy video website yet.

Staffing shortage blamed for three-month backlog of Minnesota auto titles

The Department of Public Safety's Driver and Vehicle Services Division says it is offering voluntary overtime to employees and hiring temporary help.