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Mike Youngdahl of Elk River:

1 Marty Stuart, Fine Line. It was a great show with country classics and groovy songs from his latest album.

2 Bellamy Brothers, the Medina. They’ve spent more than 40 years on the road, with a ton of shows at the Medina. There was not much chitchat, just one classic song after another.

3 The Mavericks, “Brand New Day.” It’s their first album on their own label. If their goal is not to get pigeonholed in one genre, they succeeded. “Brand New Day” is outstanding.


Jon Bream of the Star Tribune:

1 LP Music and Shelby J., the Dakota. What an appetizer for the Prince Celebration. Sax man Eric Leeds led a talented combo of simpatico players. When Shelby finally got carried away, she transported the crowd to a Purple state.

2 Chuck Berry tribute, Rolling Stone. Mikal Gilmore’s piece covers Berry’s background and story in depth, plus Keith Richards and Mark Jacobson provide curious glimpses.

3 Dave Mason, the Cedar. The Rock Hall of Famer had the full house feelin’ all right with a rewarding evening of classic rock.