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Not cool, Philly.

Or ...

Yeah, OK, we deserved that. Well-played.

Hard to say right now, as heads still ring from all those Eagles touchdowns, how Vikings fans feel about a clever jab from Philadelphia Eagles fans in the second half of Sunday’s NFC Championship Game. When the Eagles take the U.S. Bank Stadium field in two weeks, we’ll find out if Minnesotans are still stung.

The crime, if you’d call it that: With the Eagles pulling away in their 38-7 victory, the crowd launched into a full-fledged “SKOL!” chant, with the overhead arm motions and all. But they weren’t saying “SKOL!”, they were chanting “Foles!” — as in Nick, their starting quarterback who looked more like Tom Brady than Tom Brady did on Sunday.

Well-played, cheap, mean, funny ... maybe a mix of all those things. The guess here is that it will lead to at least a few Minnesota boo’s on Feb. 4.