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Patrick Reusse is a sports columnist who writes two to three columns per week. He also can be heard on AM-1500 KSTP from 3 to 6 p.m. weekdays.

Reusse: Twins' international signings have paid off, Nishioka notwithstanding

Their heralded 2009 international signings of Miguel Sano, Max Kepler and Jorge Polanco now make up the core of the team.

Reusse: Ranking Gophers successes this season, from worst to first

Counting down 10 team sports, five for women athletes (basketball, hockey, volleyball, softball and soccer) and five for men (football, basketball, hockey, wrestling and baseball) at the U.

Reusse: 'Real MVP' not the same award as NBA MVP

We get this in every sport: MVP information is announced with the playoffs fresh in mind, and there's a clamor that postseason stardom proved such-and-such was the "real MVP." Wrong.

Reusse: Zimmer's leadership of Vikings deserving of public's scrutiny

Mike Zimmer came to Minnesota in 2014 perceived as a thick-skinned straight shooter. But he's shown to be the opposite.

Reusse: At 27, Motocross star Dungey can ride off into the sunset

A decade after bursting onto the Motocross scene, "I've lived my dream,'' Ryan Dungey said Wednesday. "I'm ready for a new chapter in life.''

'Brockmire' offers play-by-play a little risqué

The surprise success stories of the early portion of this baseball season have been Eric Thames, a slugger for the Milwaukee Brewers, and Jim Brockmire,…

Reusse: Gophers bosses outraged over leak? How about the actual harassment?

Dean Johnson is steaming mad, and it's about the news being leaked, and not so much to the action partaken by Randy Handel that led to the complaint.

Reusse: Humble Gophers track star siblings quietly represent southern Minnesota

You aren't going to get much assistance from these successful U runners when it comes to offering self-­serving tributes. But they open up (just a bit) about the family's fainting goat.

Change in wind was a prelude to Joe Mauer's walk-off

Sudden and unexplained gusts of wind have been used as story changers forever in Hollywood movies, often reversing time or transforming the personality of a…

Reusse: 'Krusher' Kowalski of Murder Inc. also has a soft touch

Before he was Stan 'Krusher' Kowalski, the pro wrestler was in the Navy and Friday was honored prior to the Twins game.