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Patrick Reusse is a sports columnist who writes two to three columns per week.

Reusse: Was Curly Lambeau a 'miserable' coach?

A least one former Packers player from the 1940s was no fan of the legendary coach.

Reusse: What if the Vikings, not Raiders, went to the AFL?

Sixty years ago, Minneapolis-St. Paul was among six franchises announced for the AFL before ultimately backing out and waiting out an invite to the NFL in 1961. But what if?

Reusse: Celebrating a full year of free-swinging 'La Tortuga'

Willians Astudillo lives to swing the bat. He will play most anywhere on a diamond, anywhere that he's wanted, to get his hacks. Last September, he became a folk hero in Minnesota.

Reusse: Twins catchers keep contributing, and give Baldelli credit

The catcher position has never been handled better than it has been by Rocco Baldelli and his staff. Garver has looked fresh and strong, and so has Castro, coming off a season when he had knee surgery.

Reusse: Winning Super Bowl would ruin Vikings fans' sweet angst

Winning when your fans have relied on angst for so long is dangerous stuff.

Reusse: The relief route is quicker path to majors for Twins pitching prospects

Pitchers are groomed to be starters, but after the rotation is set, "you're either a reliever or in the minors."

Reusse: For seasons of improbable success, Twins compare to '09 Vikings

Aging players coming through in the clutch. Dynamic rookies. Emerging veterans. Injuries on defense. Does this sound familiar to you?

Reusse: Vikings needed help, and Kubiak was perfect for the job

Mike Zimmer and Rick Spielman needed to get real help for new offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski. Enter Gary Kubiak into a situation where jobs are on the line.

Reusse: Jackrabbits bringing 'Big Ten commitment' to battle with Gophers

South Dakota State made the move to Division I and along with that came the kind of facilities, including a $65 million football stadium, that you'd expect to see at a bigger-name school.

Reusse: Players Weekend uniforms latest example of overrated sports cuteness

The uniforms worn by big league players this weekend put a cap on an epidemic of cute that has taken over the Twin Cities sports market.