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Patrick Reusse is a sports columnist who writes two to three columns per week. He also can be heard on AM-1500 KSTP from 3 to 6 p.m. weekdays.

Reusse: U baseball assistant leaving team in good place after 33-year run

Next week, the Gophers will be in the NCAA baseball tournament for the 17th time in the 33 years that John Anderson and soon-to-be-retired Ron Fornasiere have been a team.

Reusse: For Quilici to succeed with Twins, he had to get around his nose

Frank Qulici's death on Monday led to a reporter digging up a story in which Quilici said his hot streak at the plate could be tied to changing his head position to account for the size of his nose.

Reusse: If Sano and Buxton continue to struggle, Twins will be mediocre

This team will struggle to reach .500 if someone doesn't get to Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano.

Reusse: Well-traveled Twins catcher Wilson gets to unpack for a while

Bobby Wilson started his pro career in 2003. Name a baseball outpost and Wilson probably has played in it, either for the home team or as a visitor. But now he figures to stick in Minnesota for the season.

Reusse: Gophers baseball followed WWII stint on B-24 bomber for Koch

Norb Koch was a righthanded pitcher who could top his Gophers teammates on a golf course and in war stories.

Reusse: Jets have Up North fan bases in their corner

Winnipeg's Dustin Byfuglien grew up in Roseau, 22 miles west of Warroad and the archrival for hockey supremacy in the northwest corner of Minnesota.

Reusse: Playoffs show success of Gary Bettman-era NHL expansion

Nashville, Tampa Bay, Las Vegas and soon Seattle are alive with hockey fever while the NBA has settled for relocating teams in secondary markets like Oklahoma City,

Reusse: Choosing to play football for Notre Dame never a mistake

There are other options, clearly, but it never can be declared a mistake for a much-sought football recruit to take his shot with the Irish.

Reusse: State's first try at big-time soccer was a memorable time

It was so much simpler when Minnesota first tried an excursion into the North American version of big-league soccer in 1976.

Reusse: Swinging for the mountains is Sano's weighty issue

Once a young major leaguer with a sweet swing, the Twins third baseman has been derailed on his way to stardom.