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Reusse: 'Noon ball' legend lights it up until his final days

Tom Otterdahl died last week at age 72 Three days earlier, "Otts" had been playing in St. Paul's notorious Noon Ball basketball games in a grade school gym.

Reusse: Back in lineup, Rosario makes his point with three-homer outburst

Eddie Rosario earned himself a spot on the bench with wild swings and misses. He was in the No. 9 spot Tuesday but redeemed himself in a big way.

MLS players leave mid-season, and call themselves a major league?

The World Baseball Classic was held for the fourth time this past March and continued to gain a higher level of attention. The United States…

Reusse: Golden Valley umpire makes her case to make the calls

Emma Charlesworth-Seiler flies to Tampa on June 24 and starts umpiring in the noon heat of a Florida Gulf Coast League summer on June 26.

Reusse: Ryder Cup lifted Hazeltine into golf mecca; with more to come

Last fall's Ryder Cup raised the prestige of Hazeltine to the heights of great American golf courses. An announcement will be made Friday that it will be home to the 2019 KPMG Women's PGA Championship.

St. Cloud lost a character in Dick Rengel

Dark Star died five years ago on June 1. This remains a void in the life of his friends and radio listeners because the Darkman…

Reusse: Falvey, Twins must stay focused on building, not quick fixes

Instead of worrying about acquiring players at the trade deadline for this season, the Twins need to set their focus on the long-term rebuild.

Reusse: Twins' international signings have paid off, Nishioka notwithstanding

Their heralded 2009 international signings of Miguel Sano, Max Kepler and Jorge Polanco now make up the core of the team.

Reusse: Ranking Gophers successes this season, from worst to first

Counting down 10 team sports, five for women athletes (basketball, hockey, volleyball, softball and soccer) and five for men (football, basketball, hockey, wrestling and baseball) at the U.

Reusse: 'Real MVP' not the same award as NBA MVP

We get this in every sport: MVP information is announced with the playoffs fresh in mind, and there's a clamor that postseason stardom proved such-and-such was the "real MVP." Wrong.