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Reusse: Rock Ridge comes to Minnesota 46 years after 'Blazing Saddles'

Minnesota soon will have the Rock Ridge Wolverines, a consolidation of Virginia and Eveleth-Gilbert, making any Mel Brooks fan proud.

Reusse: National search searches? St. John's just recruits across the hall

The Johnnies, under coach Pat McKenzie since 2015, are 16-1 and ranked No. 2 nationally in Division III men's basketball.

Reusse: U greats Willie Burton, Clem Haskins unified for all time

On Sunday, Willie Burton's No. 34 jersey will be retired at Williams Arena, a tribute being embraced in incredible fashion by his teammates, coaches and others at the U.

Reusse: Ervan? Ivan? Pampero? 'It is I, it is me'

The late Juan Kachmanian first came to the Twin Cities professional wrestling market in 1958 as Ivan the Terrible - and soon returned under different monikers.

Reusse: Finally given chance to lead, Brian Dutcher rides the wave at San Diego State

Brian Dutcher had to wait until age 57 to become a head coach, but he is running with the opportunity. San Diego State, 18-0 overall and 7-0 in the Mountain West, is the last remaining undefeated team.

Reusse: Twins pass Red Sox in appeal with Donaldson's addition, Cora's subtraction

The hot spring training story this season in Fort Myers will be for Twins' exhibitions, not Red Sox games.

Reusse: What's up at Twins spring training? This woman knows it all

Patty Creem has been with the Twins since they moved spring training to Fort Myers in 1991. Her business card reads: Spring Training Box Office Supervisor. "IDK; ask Patty'' might be a better title.

Reusse: The most interesting man in sports? That's LSU's 'Coach O'

Owing to his demeanor and to his team's success, LSU head coach Ed Orgeron has become a gigantic presence as he leads his team in Monday's College Football Playoff title game.

Vikings a clear No. 1 in Minnesota sports, except when ...

The pecking order in Minnesota sports: (1) Minnesota, (2) Everybody else, except for special runs like what the Gophers football team pulled off vs. Auburn.

Reusse: For Vikings' most stunning calamity, go back to 1970

There's not much question that NBC's pregame coverage of Saturday's playoff game will include a highlight or two from the most disappointing loss in Vikings history.