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Reusse: 'Never a good loser' Wild's Seeler doesn't dodge a challenge

From the backyard rink to the pros, Eden Prairie's Nick Seeler hasn't backed down and is now among the Wild's top six defensemen.

Reusse: Butler's trade request builds on what Wolves do best: chaos

It's the 30th season of Timberwolves basketball, so why not start it out with more of the same? The Jimmy Butler Situation is the latest story for a franchise full of turmoil.

Reusse: Nunnally had many distant stops before arrival with Wolves

James Nunnally has become familiar with numerous working environments and international cities in the pursuit of what's now an actual NBA opportunity with the Wolves.

Reusse: 'Tommie for life' Steve Fritz to retire as athletic director

Basketball star, graduate, coach and administrator. Steve Fritz came to the St. Thomas campus on the corner of Summit and Cretin in September 1967 and never left.

Reusse: Power of 8, talent will lead Vikings to Super Bowl

Every 10 years, something unique happens in Vikings history, so get ready for this season.

Reusse: Falvey, Levine try to match 'smooth-talking' Calvin Griffith

From when Calvin Griffith owned the Twins to now, baseball responses from the front office have the same tone -- even if the words are different.

Reusse: 'Googs' visit brings Wolves' chaos years back to mind

Tom Gugliotta saw it all here: From the odd couple, Laettner and Rider, to what could have been with KG and Steph.

Reusse: Love pours in for ex-Vikings trainer as news of grave condition spreads

Bud Grant visited Fred Zamberletti a couple of days ago and there was no laughter to share. The former Vikings trainer couldn't communicate.

Reusse: Twins bosses preach sustainability, then foster silliness

The majority of Minnesota's sporting public has been turned so cynical about the words "Twins'' and "prospects'' that it does zero to create interest for next season.

Reusse: Snurdbirds are town ball power in a no-man's-land stadium

How did Midway get its name? How can a place without people field a baseball team? Where can you see them play? And what's a Snurdbird, anyway?