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Patrick Reusse is a sports columnist who writes two to three columns per week.

Reusse: Covington starts in Thibs' World and shows he can defend

During Robert Covington's 41 minutes, his new teammates learned that his status as an all-NBA defender is 100 percent legitimate.

Reusse: After recent agony, Wolves better than before Butler's arrival

There is no doubt the Wolves, without recent draft blunders, would have a more impressive roster. But now finally rid of Butler, the team has a chance to more forward.

Reusse: Friday night at the U reveals gains from Title IX

A large crowd at Williams Arena to watched a young basketball coach lead the Gophers, and there were 5,500 excited volleyball fans in the adjacent arena behind the west wall.

Reusse: Mauer could do it all, but baseball is in his blood

Basketball was Joe Mauer's favorite sport growing up, and recruiting services said he was the best senior quarterback in the country, but Mauer's game was always going to be baseball.

Reusse: Wolves must find a way to get through to Wiggins

When the season settles down after the Jimmy Butler situation, the Timberwolves still will be left to face the No. 1 question for a successful future: What is to become of Andrew Wiggins?

Ex-Vikings fullback Bill 'Boom Boom' Brown dies at 80

The four-time Pro Bowler is fourth in Vikings history in rushing yards and TDs.

Reusse: It's not just D-I football with imbalance

In all levels of football below the NFL, the power structure is predictable, and imbalance is often grotesque.

Breaks go against Gophers hockey in sweep by Mavericks

A night after getting blown out at home, the Gophers missed prime chances Saturday at MSU Mankato and now have lost three in a row.

Reusse: MSU Mankato football perseveres, keeps streak alive

The No. 1-rated Mavericks made a clutch defensive stand, and then drove for a clinching field goal by Casey Bednarski to run their NSIC winning streak to 23 games.

Reusse: At Hutch or NDSU, Robbie Grimsley rarely loses

The safety is wrapping up a four-year career with the Bison that has continued the success he found in high school.