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Editorial Writer

Patricia Lopez is on the editorial board, writing editorials that focus largely on national politics and policy issues, including Congress, tax policy, budgets, immigration, guns, criminal justice, trade and other issues. She was the Star Tribune's state and national politics editor and previously the paper's chief political writer, covering state government, budget and tax policy. 

A native of Chicago, Lopez has called Minnesota home since 1992.

It's prime time for the versatile egg

Whether it's spring brunch or Easter breakfast, the egg suits the season far beyond scrambled and poached.

Pawlenty's eager to veto DFL taxes

The Senate and House passed a plan that includes a $435 million tax increase, and there's the rub.

Republicans: Huckabee surges to a critical win

Mike Huckabee scored an impressive victory, capping one of the most remarkable come-from-nowhere triumphs in recent history.

Attorney Eric Magnuson is named new chief justice

The prominent appellate lawyer has led the judicial selection commission for Gov. Pawlenty. He will be the first person who is not a justice to take the top job in decades.

Pawlenty exhorts GOP to restore optimism of Reagan era

Speaking at the state party's convention, the governor said people deserve leaders "who are hopeful, optimistic, decent" and called upon Republicans to provide that leadership. Beforehand, he again demurred on talk of his vice presidential prospects.

Recount: Results certified, Franken up, but no senator yet

Al Franken's 225-vote lead was unanimously certified by the state Canvassing Board, but Norm Coleman's planned court challenge will keep Franken from taking his seat when the Senate convenes today.

Pawlenty tests out national message

Tim Pawlenty is on the road again, speaking to GOP groups as he tries to revitalize his party and his presidential prospects.

The wait is agonizing for Coleman, Franken

The candidates and their staffs are keeping their phones close by because they know the ruling could come any day now, ending a seven-month odyssey.

Unallotment scraps state campaign funding program

Common Cause Minnesota is looking at the elimination of the Political Contribution Refund program as a way to go to court over Gov. Pawlenty's plan to balance the budget.

Stiff DFL resistance to Pawlenty cuts

Administration officials came under sharp questioning from DFL legislators over unallotment plans.